Reason why WWE Turned Bobby Lashley heel

Bobby Lashley’s second WWE run got a shot in the arm with a much-needed heel turn on this week’s Raw. The Wrestling Observer reports that the decision to turn him heel was made only hours before the show went on air.

In a meeting that included top WWE officials, Lashley’s future was discussed and the plan of turning him heel was pitched after taking into consideration his current predicament. The reason why WWE entertained the idea of a heel turn was because of the lack of top heels.

Kevin Owens suffered a knee injury that would keep him out of action for 4-8 months, leaving a major void in the roster. KO may have lost his spot as one of the top bad guys on Raw; however, WWE Creative had an obvious replacement in Lashley.

Having Lashley execute his turn by attacking KO was a smart move on WWE’s part as it effectively wrote off Owens from the TV in order to recuperate from a suspected knee injury.

Lashley returned to WWE on the Raw after WrestleMania and looked set to go straight to the top of the WWE food chain. Sadly enough, a string of lackluster feuds and booking decisions destroyed all the hype surrounding the Dominator and it hurt his character to the point that it got just too stale for the WWE Universe’s liking.

The Creative was forced to go back to the drawing board and came up with a contingency plan. They paired him with the exuberant Lio Rush, who served as an acrobatic mouthpiece. Vince McMahon too got behind the act as he reportedly was the one feeding all lines to Rush through an ear-plug microphone on the recent episode of Raw.

It seems Lashley’s renewed WWE run is finally about to take off and all that needs to be done now is for WWE to book him like a top guy.

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