Real reason why WWE has buried Asuka

The rise and fall of Asuka from being an unconquerable champion to an unused afterthought is just saddening, to say the least. She came up to the main roster destined to carry the division on her seasoned shoulders, but instead, had her undefeated streak shockingly cut off by the Roman Reigns of the female division, Charlotte Flair.

So what or who is to blame for Asuka’s downfall? Well, the failure to make it big on the main roster could be attributed to the former WWE NXT Champion’s lack of proficiency in English.

The topic of Asuka was brought up as part of a discussion on PWInsider’s Elite Audio and Dave Scherer mentioned disclosed the reason behind her absence from WWE TV. It seems Vince McMahon is not a big fan of the fact that the Empress of Tomorrow can’t speak good English and for that very reason, she has been relegated to the sidelines until further notice.

Mike Johnson further elaborated that cutting a good promo is one of the essentials required to break through that proverbial brass ceiling in the WWE and the lack of it would naturally draw the ire of the management. Despite possessing a dominant character, Asuka’s inability to cut a cohesive promo in English has proven to be a roadblock in the big leagues.

While it may be unfair to on Asuka, WWE isn’t just about the wrestling but also about the entertainment and a majority of which comes from stringing together a bunch of hard-hitting sentences. Asuka is talented enough to warrant a push for the WWE SmackDown Championship in the near future but sadly for her fans, it may not happen anytime soon.

Considering McMahon’s stance on her language skills, we wouldn’t be surprised if WWE gets her a manager to do all the talking. Two words: Paul Heyman! Book it WWE!

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