WWE Raw Results – Winners, Videos, Highlights 29th July 19 and more

WWE Raw Results - 29th July 19

WWE Raw 29th July 2019 kicked off with loads of fanfare, promising an exciting night ahead for fans. Drake Maverick and Renee Michelle, his wife, both came on for a mixed match challenge versus Carmella and R-Truth.

WWE Raw Results 29th July’s opening match had several Superstars awaiting their challenge for the 24-7 title outside the ring during the opening match.

Match 1- R-Truth & Carmella vs. Renee Michelle & Drake Maverick- Mosh Pit Mixed Match (24-7 Championship)

R-Truth and Maverick started off the match with an early pin by the challenger although it could not go beyond a count of two. Carmella and Renee also embarked on a fight with the latter getting dispatched into the corner. Drake rescued her and Carmella slapped him prior to Truth finishing off Drake with the pinfall.

Winners- R-Truth and Carmella.


In the aftermath, Superstar wrestlers at ringside pounced on Truth and the referee made the count amidst all the confusion while Mike Kanellis ran out with the 24-7 title. The other Superstars charged after him while Mike locked himself into a locker room backstage. Maria Kanellis eventually showed pregnancy as the excuse for driving everyone away.

Match 2- Gauntlet Match for choosing opponent at SummerSlam for AJ Styles

Ray Mysterio was the first Superstar against Cesaro. Both went outside the ring during the match and Rey Mysterio eliminated Cesaro eventually. After Cesaro’s elimination, Sami Zayn got in but Mysterio avoided the running knee and rolled him up for a pin.

While attempting the 619, Andrade latched onto Rey and overpowered him with the Hammerlock DDT for a pinfall. He also tore off the Rey’s mask although Ricochet rescued him. Vega also got into the fight and had Ricochet dropped onto the apron. However, Ricochet took down Andrade, hitting a 630 and getting the pinfall. He will now face AJ Styles at SummerSlam for the United States Championship.

Winner- Ricochet.


After this match, Mike Kanellis expressed his happiness about his victory and Maria then got him to lie down and pinned him for the title, prior to asking whether they would be pinning a pregnant lady for the same.

WWE Raw Results 29th July 2019 were eagerly awaited by fans although A Moment of Bliss started first with Maria being congratulated by Alexa for a new record while she attacked Dolph Ziggler for wrecking Superstar reunion, displaying footage of Natalya’s training session being interrupted by Becky Lynch.

Match 3- The Revival (c) vs. The OC vs. The Usos- Tag Team Title Match at RAW

The Revival started the match with the Usos. Ultimately, Jey Uso was hit hard by the Shatter Machine from The Revival and he was then hit by the Magic Killer for the final pinfall.

Winner- The OC.

Match 4- Enhancement Talent vs. The Viking Raiders

Johnny James was given a torrid time by Erik prior to Carter being hit by Ivar with a boot prior to being tossed into the ring. He also hit a double Bronco Buster before the win.

Winner: The Viking Raiders.


The Street Profits were in conversation about Maria and rumours about the father of her child. They also pumped up Seth Rollins for his match with Dolph Ziggler.

 Match 5- Alexa Bliss vs. Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch mocked Alexa Bliss and took her down initially. However, Nikki Cross came into the picture although Becky recovered. After some close battles, Alexa started crying due to a leg injury, eventually being carried out.

Winner: Becky Lynch with Bliss forfeiting the contest.

Match 6- Becky Lynch vs. Nikki Cross

 Becky and Nikki’s match was witnessed by Alexa Bliss at ringside. Becky overpowered Cross with her Manhandle Slam.

Winner: Becky Lynch.


Alexa Bliss attacked Lynch post match, proving that she had a fake injury. Natalya also hit Becky with the Sharpshooter.

Match 7- Dolph Ziggler vs. Seth Rollins

 Dolph Ziggler called Goldberg and Shawn Michaels as pathetic prior to the match. After a tight contest, Seth Rollins recovered from the ZigZag with a superkick and was finishing off Ziggler when Brock Lesnar came into the ring and hit several German suplexes, dispatching Seth Rollins outside the ring.

Winner: Match called off.


Lesnar beat up Rollins with a steel chair and multiple F5’s with even Paul Heyman asking him to stop. He eventually retreated, Rollins was taken away by medics and Samoa Joe and The OC also attacked Roman Reigns backstage.

Brock Lesnar eventually chased after the ambulance, getting Rollins out and onto the floor, before hitting another F5.

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