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WWE Raw Results, Highlights, Matches, Videos August 12 2019 and more

WWE Raw Results 2019

WWE Raw August 12 was exciting since it was coming just after SummerSlam 2019. WWE Raw kicked off in style at Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena. The Universal Championship match was replayed at the start of the show for WWE Raw August 12 2019.

Here are the key highlights of WWE Raw 12 August 2019-

New Universal Champion Seth Rollins kicked off the first RAW event after the Summerslam 2019 and was giving his victory speech and talked about how he knew he had what it took to defeat Brock Lesnar. He also talked of how the crowd took him to a different place and truly made him the Beast Slayer. The OC entered the ring and AJ Styles congratulates Rollins interrupted him

Styles said that he wanted to prove that he was a better champion than Rollins and challenged him to a champion vs. champion match later in the night. Seth agreed to the match and this was the main event scheduled for the tonight Monday night Raw.

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Street Profits, Sami Zayn and Samoa Joe:

The Street Profits keep doing their regular gimmick backstage when Sami Zayn tells them that they’re new and should enjoy the good times while they keep coming. He talked of how Becky Lynch was real earlier but now feels absolutely manufactured which is when the topic comes to Samoa Joe standing behind Zayn while the latter makes fun of Joe. Joe says he will give Zayn scope to fight him right now in the ring.

Samoa Joe vs. Sami Zayn:-

Sami Zayn attacked Joe right away although Joe came back strong and finally attacks Zayn with the dreaded Coquina Clutch, winning the bout through submission.

Result: Samoa Joe def. Sami Zayn via Submission

Dolph Ziggler vs. The Miz:-

Prior to the match, Ziggler calls The Miz a coward. Ziggler tries to leave but The Miz attacks straight from behind. The match finally starts officially with The Miz in pole position. After an intense battle and even a comeback from Ziggler, he is forced into submission by the figure four leglock and The Miz even drags him away inches from touching the rope. The Miz wins the bout through submission.

Result: The Miz def. Dolph Ziggler

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Elias vs. Ricochet-

Elias initially enters and starts a song when Ricochet comes into the arena. After a war or words, the match starts. Ricochet and Elias step up an intense battle. Ricochet ultimately hits Elias with the crescent kick and then the sunset flip to win by pinfall.

Result: Elias def. Ricochet

Andrade Cien Almas vs. Rey Mysterio (2/3 Falls):-

Andrade makes the first pinfall successfully and follows it up with the DDT to win the second pinfall as well, defeating Mysterio in the bargain.

Result: Andrade def. Rey Mysterio

Stone Cold Steve Austin- The King of the Ring is expected to be back next week and he Skypes into WWE Raw, talking about Seth Rollins’ performance at Summerslam 2019, praising him for being humble and committed. He also showcases Straight Up Steve Austin, his new show through an advertisement.

Drew McIntyre vs. Cedric Alexander- Another tough match but ultimately Drew McIntyre hits with the Claymore to win by pinfall.

Result: Drew McIntyre def. Cedric Alexander

Robert Roode vs. No Way Jose- Robert Roode won this match through pinfall by hitting No Way Jose with the Glorious DDT.

Result: Robert Roode def. No Way Jose

Lucha House Party, i.e. Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik vs. Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson or The Revival-

This intense tag team match goes into an intense zone but Carmella and R-Truth coming down the ramp. Eventually, the bell rings and there is utter chaos before the Hart Attack is used by The Revival to win via pinfall.

Result: DNF

Kalisto, Salida De Sol and more people advance before R-Truth is put in place by Carmella and wins the 24/7 Championship via pinfall and his lateral press. Both run away followed by the stars in the ring. He gets caught by Elias who wins the Championship via pinfall with his El Kabong.

Viking Raiders vs. Sebastian Suave and Carter Mason- The Raiders won this one quite smoothly with their Viking Experience and subsequent pinfall.

Result: Viking Raiders def. Enhancement Talent

Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross (c) vs. The Kabuki Warriors – Women’s Tag Team Title match:-

One of the biggest matches of Monday night WWE Raw, this goes on for a long while with fluctuating fortunes of both teams. Ultimately, Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss win through pinfall with the latter unleashing the Twisted Bliss.

Result: Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross def. The Kabuki Warriors

AJ Styles vs. Seth Rollins (Main Event):-

Rollins repeatedly rams AJ Styles into the corner before he is warned by the referee. More moves follow from the two in this exciting clash and arguably the main event of the night. Styles hits out the Ushigoroshi. Rollins trips him up into the apron. Styles is countered with the forearm from Rollins and this goes on until with the latter on top, Gallows pushes him down. The referee throws them out of the ring. Rollins wins through disqualification.

Result: Seth Rollins def. AJ Styles via DQ

After this main event, Rollins was overwhelmed by the OC entering the ring and was finally saved by Ricochet. Braun Strowman again made the save after Ricochet was also overwhelmed by the OC. Braun gets the Universal Championship title belt and presents it to Seth Rollins in the ring thereafter.

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