Potential Spoiler on WWE’s plans for Batista’s return

The 1000th episode of SmackDown is fast approaching and the excitement is certainly quite palpable. One of the greatest factions in WWE history, Evolution is all set to reunite at the show with Batista being confirmed to make his long-awaited return to WWE TV. However, will he lace up his wrestling boots at the show? Sadly, the rumor mill doesn’t paint a promising picture regarding the same.

During a recent Q&A, Mike Johnson of PWInsider revealed that the Animal won’t be in action at the episode but that’s not all. Johnson stated that WWE could plant the seeds for an in-ring return that could presumably culminate in a match at WrestleMania 35.

The former WWE Champion-turned-Hollywood star hasn’t shied away from mentioning his desire to return for one final run. There is, however, a condition. The Animal would only return if it were for a programme with Triple H. The 48-year-old Batista has divulged in the past about how actively pitched the idea of feuding with his former mentor only to get an unlikely silence in return from the WWE Creative.

Such an experience naturally didn’t go down too well with the 6-time WWE Champion, who had lost all the aspirations of getting back into the squared circle. Thankfully for the fans, that perception has changed for good as Batista said in a recent interview that he misses wrestling every day.

'It’s something that I think about daily, I miss it daily. I love it. I have a passion for wrestling, I feel like at the core of me, that’s who I am. I’m a physical performer and I miss it every day,” Batista said.

We’re quite sure WWE has something epic in store for one of the popular superstars in the past decade and we hope the powers that be don’t let us and Batista down this time around.

As for the SmackDown 1000 episode that will emanate from Washington D.C. on October 16th, Batista isn’t the only big name star who will be gracing the occasion with his presence. Vickie Guerrero, Michelle McCool, Torrie Wilson, The Undertaker, Edge, Kane, Rey Mysterio and of course, Ric Flair have been announced to be in attendance.

Now that’s what we call a star-studded affair! Are you hyped or what?!?!


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