Latest update on WWE’s plans for The Rock’s Return

SmackDown without The Rock is like fish without water. His contributions in making SmackDown a household name can’t be undermined and thus, it’s imperative to believe that WWE could have something in line for the Great One on the occasion of the blue brand completing 1000 episodes.

On Barnburner’s No Holds Barred Podcast, Joe Peisich reported that the WWE was still actively pushing for The Rock to appear on the milestone episode on October 16th and the negotiations regarding the same were on in full swing.

Nothing much came out of the report until Mike Johnson of PWInsider was posed a question pertaining to Rock’s status for the show on his recent Q&A session. Johnson was positive of the fact that WWE will end up using the Electrifying One in some capacity and said that he would be surprised if they did otherwise.

He stated that while being in flesh at the historic episode could be a long shot considering the Hollywood megastar’s hectic schedule, WWE could air a video message featuring the Rock during the show.

Whether it is video package or the man himself showing up in Washington D.C. to lay the Smacketh Down on some candy asses, the Rock is expected to be involved in the festivities in his own distinct way.

The show is already stacked with confirmed appearances to be made by The Undertaker, Kane, Edge, Vickie Guererro, Michelle McCool, Torrie Wilson, Ric Flair and Batista (Evolution reunion). Add in the People’s Champ into the mix and we got one hell of a show in store. WWE could also maybe hint at Rock’s rumored WrestleMania match?

The possibilities are endless but one thing is beyond doubt, The Rock will undoubtedly elevate the quality of an iconic episode if his music were to hit at the Capitol One Arena in Washington D.C. on Tuesday, October 16th.

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