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Former WWE star Simon Dean lauds Brock Lesnar as most dominant wrestler

While the topic of the greatest wrestler to ever grace WWE is one of hot debate and argument, it is a question that can seldom be answered. There have been a host of star performers who have helped WWE reach the feat it is today. Right from Undertaker, Triple H, Stone Cold to Roman Reigns, CM Punk and other new age stars WWE was never short of professionals. However, according to a recent interview, former WWE wrestler Simon Dean claimed that Brock Lesnar is in fact the ‘most dominant professional wrestling athlete’ ever.

Speaking to Hannibal TV, Simon Dean emphasized on how professional Brock Lesnar was. “My interactions with Brock were real short. Hey Brock, how are you doing?’ ‘Hey man, how are you doing?’ That’s it. No long-term stories. Apparently, when he was here, he used to drive the ring-truck, he had a good workout, they showed up to practice every day. It’s not a shock, I mean, the guy didn’t become NCAA Heavyweight Champion by accident. I think overall, he’s the most dominant professional wrestling athlete there’s ever been. When you look at his pedigree and what he has accomplished, he’s the biggest pay-per-view draw, him and Floyd Mayweather in the last two decades,” claimed Dean as transcribed by Wrestling Inc.

Dean added that Brock Lesnar’s ability is almost unparalleled and his capacity to defeat an opponent in ten seconds is not unnatural. Dean said that only Braun Strowman or Roman Reigns could come close to Brock Lesnar in terms of strength and putting up an equal fight in the ring. “So Brock’s an attraction. You’d devalue him if he was wrestling four, five, six times a month. He’s not built for that, number one. It’s not believable, number two. And if you put him in the ring with just about anybody except Braun Strowman, it’s not even close… or maybe Roman. It’s not even close to being believable that he wouldn’t beat that guy in ten seconds. So you have to keep him as a special attraction. When he comes out, it should be like, ‘Oh my God, he’s here!’ Like a heavyweight prize-fighter.”

Brock’s dominance in the ring can be understood by the very fact that Undertaker specially chose the ‘Beast Incarnate’ in an attempt to end his 21-0 WrestleMania streak.”He’s worth every single dime what they pay him. He brings in buy-rates, and you’re not hiring Brock to go there and have a five star Meltzer match, where everyone’s like, ‘Oh my God, that’s incredible!’ He’s an attraction, he puts butts in seats. People forget this is professional wrestling entertainment. It’s sports entertainment. If it was real, Brock Lesnar or Kurt Angle would be the champions and no one would ever beat them, or the Big Show. That’s it,” said Dean. Lesnar defeated Braun Strowman at the Crown Jewel to grab the championship belt and now is slated to battle current WWE Champion Daniel Bryan in the Survivor Series.

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