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Fan fury over Roman Reigns approach forces WWE creative changes

Bringing in a real-life battle of WWE star Roman Reigns might have just backfired for the World Wrestling Entertainment. The league is forced to make some creative changes following massive fan outrage over using Roman Reigns leukemia battle as a publicity promo in their recent feature. Back in November on Raw, Dean Ambrose mentioned Roman Reigns‘ recent Leukemia diagnosis and stated that he was getting what he deserved. This stunt was in a promo aimed at Seth Rollins, and the fans were disturbed as the real-life sad news was brought into a storyline on WWE TV.

It was also rumored last month that Brock Lesnar was slated to face Seth Rollins in the WrestleMania 35 due in April and that Roman Reigns’ leukemia was a storyline to be played on. However, this might have to be put on hold or even changed after recent events. Brad Shepard on his ‘Oh, You Didn’t Know’ podcast said that Ambrose has now resorted to cheap heat to get the reaction that he required from the WWE Universe, which is why his character has become less popular at present.

“There was such an online outrage that they changed the direction of Dean’s character and now it sucks, it’s terrible now,” he said via Ringsidenews. Ambrose said that Roman Reigns would have to answer to his maker for his sins of the Shield which led to the outrage. Not only were fans furious, but WWE management heard about it as well.
Ambrose then starred in segments where he has been in a doctor’s office receiving multiple immunizations. He also came to the ring in a gas mask this week accompanied by several security guards also wearing gas masks citing there something contagious in the fans in Houston.

Ambrose is to face Seth Rollins soon at TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs where he will be fighting for the Intercontinental Championship in what has become the most hyped match of the show.

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