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Is Daniel Bryan the best feud for Buddy Murphy’s first WWE SmackDown Live

WWE SmackDown

An American professional wrestler, Bryan Lloyd Danielson is currently signed to WWE, where he performs on the WWE SmackDown brand. He is known by his ring name Daniel Bryan.

Buddy Murphy can pave the way for a power-packed stint on SmackDown Live by going after Daniel Bryan, one of the top stars of the brand. Reportedly, sports media is rife with reports of Bryan casually commenting that he has few dyas left as a tag team wrestler; going by that, it would be advisable for him to make a foray into a singles feud with a well-established name, Buddy Murphy.

It is crucial for Buddy Murphy to have his first feud with someone against whom he can have a number of matches. Daniel Bryan definitely fits the bill, as he can give a tough fight to Murphy, and in all likelihood, Murphy will be defeated in the end. When it comes to Buddy Murphy SmackDown fight, it is also interesting to note that Daniel Bryan is equipped with excellent mic skills, which can benefit Murphy too. He will get to flaunt his persona with mic battles against one of SmackDown Live’s biggest names.

Currently a name to reckon with in the wrestling world, Daniel Bryan is playing a role similar to that of The Miz when he was a heel or even John Cena in more recent times. Wrestling fans often wonder whether the rise of Kofi Kingston would have been even half as effective, had it not been for the hard work of Daniel Bryan SmackDown performance

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