Crown Jewel PPV in trouble; WWE issues statement

After the success of WWE Greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia earlier this year, WWE have scheduled their second PPV in the country this year as they are set to host WWE Crown Jewel at the King Saud University Stadium in Riyadh on November 2. But, the event could be in jeopardy after the disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi last week.

Washington Post journalist and Saudi Arabia national Jamal Khashoggi has been missing from October 2 as disappeared after a visit to the Saudi consulate in Turkey. According to various reports in the United States, Jamal was killed in what was possibly a state-ordered kidnapping gone wrong.

With Jamal being a resident of the US, the Democrats and Republicans in the country have called for an investigation into the alleged murder and the President of the United States, Donald Trump, himself has alluded to the possibility of the Saudi Arabia government being involved in Jamal's reported assassination.

Washington Post reported yesterday that the Senate's top foreign policy lawmakers are urging President Trump to impose sanctions against those who are found responsible for Jamal's disappearance, even if it includes the top officials from the Saudi government.

The Senator of Connecticut, where the WWE HQ is located, Chris Murphy has called for the end of the United States' relationship with Saudi Arabia if the allegations are proven to be true.

If the US government impose sanctions on Saudi Arabia, WWE might cancel their relationship ties with Saudi Arabia, which would bring in $450 million over the next 10 years.

With a uncertainty looming over the Crown Jewel PPV, WWE have issued a statement regarding the issue. “We are currently monitoring the situation,” WWE said in a media release.

So far, the match card for the PPV includes AJ Styles vs Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship, Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar vs Braun Strowman for the WWE Universal Championship, The DX vs Brothers of Destruction and a WWE World Cup.


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