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5 WWE Superstars who deserve a push

Without a doubt, WWE is like the ultimate place for any pro-wrestler as a majority of them want to be a part of the promotion. WWE have over 200 Superstars across all their brands and have a set of wrestlers for the upper card, mid-card and the lower card.

The wrestlers in the upper card will be in the main event scene fighting for the World titles while the wrestlers in the mid-card will be fighting for the secondary titles, US title and Intercontinental title. The Superstars in the lower card are used as jobbers for the ones in the mid-card and the upper card.

Sometimes, wrestlers from the mid-card and the lower card will be given a push to the next level and if things go well, they could be at the receiving end of championship runs. Even in the current roster, there are a lot of wrestlers who deserve a push at the moment.

Let us take a look at five wrestlers who deserve a push soon than later.

The Miz

Ever since shooting at Daniel Bryan in an episode of Talking Smack a couple of years ago, The Miz has become a fan favourite. He ensured that he made the Intercontinental title relevant by involving himself in some fiery feuds which involved Dolph Ziggler, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns etc.

Currently, he is involved in a feud with Daniel Bryan and with Miz’s deserved WWE title run being due for a long time now, there is no better time to make him turn face, bring on the Yes Movement back, feud with Bryan and eventually win the WWE title.

Sasha Banks

She might not be relevant on WWE Raw but Sasha Banks is already a four-time WWE Raw Women’s Champion. She is a fantastic wrestler who has given some quality matches during her time in NXT and also the main roster.

Sasha has been alongside her best friend Bayley for a while now and everyone is expecting The Boss to turn on Bayley and recreate the magic both the wrestlers created during their feud in NXT, which was also voted the feud of the year in 2015.

Sasha has been stale in the mid-card section on Raw for a while now and Sasha turning on Bayley will give both of them a new lease of life and make them relevant. Following the feud, Sasha can also be pushed to the main event scene and challenge Ronda Rousey for the Raw Women’s title as she is someone who is capable of putting on a good match and making her opponent look good.

Finn Balor

Without a doubt, Finn Balor was one of the hottest Superstars when he was in NXT which is evident from the fact that he is still the longest reigning NXT champion. The WWE Universe was eagerly waiting to see him in the main roster and WWE didn’t disappoint as Balor registered two wins in his first night on Raw which included a clean win against Roman Reigns. Soon after, he became the first-ever Universal Champion by beating Seth Rollins at 2016 SummerSlam.

Unfortunately, he got injured during the match and relinquished his title a day later. Ever since returning from injury, Balor wasn’t used properly by the WWE as he was hardly in the main event scene and got his rematch almost two years after he dropped his belt. He is someone who has won everything all around the world and is one of the best wrestlers going around. WWE should give him a push and make him go after the mid-card title at least.


When he was promoted to the main roster, not many gave him a chance to be successful. But, Elias proved everyone wrong as he went on to master his gimmick, express himself, won the hearts of the fans with both his in-ring and mic skills.

Not the greatest of in-ring workers, Elias is someone who can work on a good match, can give a proper storytelling and can be athletic as well. His match against Roman Reigns is a match that elevated both the Superstars.

His mic skills are easily one of the best in the company as he knows how to play around with the crowd. He was loved by the fans both as a hell and a face. Being a face on Raw, he can be pushed to the mid-card title scene as he is someone who is very hot among the fans and WWE should look to use him when things are going well for him.

After all, WWE stands for Walk With Elias.


When they were in NXT, Sanity, the faction that has the likes of Eric Young, Kilian Dain and Alexander Wolfe, were one of the dominant factions in NXT. They were involved in some great rivalries which included the ones against the Authors of Pain and the Undisputed Era which led them to the first-ever WarGames match in NXT history. Eric Young and Kilian Dain even went on to win the Tag Team titles in NXT before eventually dropping it to the Undisputed Era.

Earlier this year, they were promoted to the main roster and were a part of the blue brand. Ever since their promotion, Sanity hardly got any TV time and have been used as jobbers in the limited time they got on SmackDown Live. With the SmackDown Tag Team title only changing hands between New Day, Usos and The Bar, a push and if possible the title, will be something fresh for the fans and for the stable.

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