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Jonas Eidevall’s rapid preparations for Arsenal .

preparations for Arsenal Women's

Jonas Eidevall’s rapid preparations for Arsenal Women’s Champions

As Arsenal Women gear up for the start of their 2023/24 season with a crucial UEFA Women’s Champions League qualifier against Linkoping, head coach Jonas Eidevall faces the challenge of preparing the team for this high-stakes encounter in a remarkably short timeframe.

The significance of this game cannot be overstated, as it represents a pivotal step towards securing a spot in the group stage of the prestigious Champions League. However, Eidevall and his squad have had to navigate a unique set of circumstances, with the full team only returning from their post-World Cup break and reporting for pre-season training a mere nine days ago.

Eidevall acknowledges the rapid turnaround, emphasizing the limited time available for preparations. Despite these constraints, he remains determined to ensure that the team is ready for the challenges that lie ahead. Speaking from Linkoping, Eidevall reflects on the intensity of the past week, with players reuniting after their World Cup campaigns and the coaching staff working tirelessly to bring everyone up to speed.

In this condensed timeframe, the head coach has had to make strategic decisions about how to best prepare the team. While tactical details and football-specific training are undoubtedly important, Eidevall has chosen to place a primary focus on a different aspect of team dynamics.

He emphasizes the need to establish a strong sense of identity and culture within the squad, transcending the footballing aspect. Eidevall’s approach involves defining what it means to represent Arsenal and outlining the behaviors and actions that should characterize this group of players. By instilling these cultural values, he aims to foster a cohesive and united team.

However, the challenges don’t end there. Eidevall also acknowledges the importance of implementing a game model that ensures players are in sync on the pitch. This entails predictability in terms of their teammates’ actions both with and without the ball. Achieving this level of cohesion and understanding among the players demands time—a precious commodity they currently lack.

Given the limited training time available, Eidevall and his coaching staff have had to optimize their approach, maximizing the quality of meetings and training sessions. Efficiency and effectiveness have been paramount as they work to get the team as well-prepared as possible within the time constraints.

As Arsenal Women prepare to take on Linkoping in this vital Champions League qualifier, the commitment and dedication of the coaching staff and players are evident. While the time may be short, the determination to represent Arsenal with pride and compete at the highest level remains unwavering. The stage is set for an intense and challenging encounter, where the team’s cultural values and commitment to their game model will be put to the test.

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By – Sahiba Suri

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