6 Tips for Staying Safe While Playing Golf

As you adjust to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, it seems that a number of your favorite activities have gone out the window, but you can still play a round of golf. Tee times for golf can be scheduled in advance so you will not be surrounded by large groups while trying to socialize or enjoying your game. The advantages are twofold. First, you avoid the need for payment at the check-in counter; and second, the process of checking in is sped up. You might want to read some tips by AdeptGolf before returning to playing after so long.

Do you miss being on the golf course?

Here is a list of important Dos and Don’ts. The following tips can help you and others stay safe when playing golf.

1.Prefer Walking

Having to sit side-by-side in a golf cart violates social distance. It might not be the best idea to ride in a cart that had been used by another player the day before or even earlier that day. Buy a collapsible push cart or a lightweight carry bag. Even while walking, keep a respectful distance from one another. In case, you are not allowed to walk, riding alone. Ensure the cart is sanitized after every ride.

2. Maintain Distance

The game of golf does not involve contact. Although it is easy to feel safe outside, when you feel as though you are in a safer place, it is important to maintain your distance. Be mindful of the proximity. Keep a minimum distance of six feet between you and others. In case you’re playing with a partner, avoid tossing the ball or ball marker. Pick up your own balls. In fact, bring an extra sleeve of golf balls, too.

3. No Sharing

Ensure you bring your own equipment and clubs. Using someone else’s equipment can increase the risk of cross-contamination. Since most courses do not provide equipment rentals at the moment, postponing your game may be a good idea. While on the course, don’t share gloves, golf clubs, or golf balls with anyone. In the case of making payments, pay through digital mediums. Avoid paying in cash. Majority of golf courses have temporarily eliminated drinking stations to reduce potential touch-points. So, bring your own bottle from home.

4. Wear A Mask

Masks are required indoors but are optional outside on the golf course if you are maintaining social distancing. If you anticipate being around other people, it’s a better idea to wear a mask. A mask can prevent you from being infected by the virus, allowing you to enjoy your time with friends without having to worry about how far apart you might be. You can choose from a variety of masks based on your preferences. One of the perks of golf is that it’s an individual sport but if you use a caddy, ask him to wear rubber gloves and masks.

5. Carry Your Sanitizers

 In most places, including golf courses, surfaces are cleaned and wiped down regularly to ensure hygiene and cleanliness. But it is better to be overly cautious than sorry. Carry your own sanitizers and disinfectant wipes. Sanitize your cart and the buckle on the strap that holds the club. Wipe down the handles, and other parts of your cart as well. Keep yourself clean too. Wear gloves on both hands. Wash or sanitize your hands twice or thrice during the round.

6. Say No to Celebrations

It is very common for golfers to celebrate a successful game with drinks. Whenever someone makes a great putt or hits an excellent approach shot to the green, high-fives are exchanged. Another example would be a competitor making a key putt and their partner hugging him or her. At the end of the round, hats are removed and handshakes are exchanged among the foursome. Even though this is part of golf, perhaps it should not be during these grave times. It’s possible to play 18 holes of golf without coming in contact with another player. The protocol for the moment should be to follow that. After finishing the game, use home, take a shower. Celebrations can wait.

Ideally one must remain indoors but if you can’t resist the urge to play golf, follow these tips religiously. You’re responsible for your own safety and the people around you.  So, obey the necessary precautions to keep yourself and others safe.

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