5 Youngest Australian Open Champion in Women’s Category

Top 5 Youngest Australian Open Winners in Women’s Category

The very first Women’s Singles competition at the Australian Open took place in the year 1922 which was a whopping 17 years after the initiation of the tournament. Margaret Molesworth from Australia was the first ever champion at the event. The Australian Open Women’s Singles winner gets a replica of the Daphne Akhurst Memorial Trophy.>

Here’s taking a look at the 5 youngest winners of the Australian Open in the women’s category (descending order):

  1. Steffi Graf- Steffi Graf is one of the greatest tennis stars of all time and the only athlete to win the Golden Slam, i.e. all 4 Grand Slams and the Olympic Gold medal in the same year. Graf was at number 1 in the WTA rankings for a whopping 377 weeks, which is a record and won 22 Grand Slams in all. She is the only player to have won 4 Grand Slams in every Grand Slam tournament. She first won the Australian Open in the year 1988 at 19 years and 223 days of age.
  2. Hana Mandlikova- Mandlikova has won 4 Grand Slam Singles titles along with a Grand Slam Doubles title in tandem with the Fed Cup. She is the daughter of Vilem Mandlik, the famous Olympian from Czechoslovakia. She was the first player to be ranked as Junior World Number 1. She won the Australian Open in 1980 at 18 years and 318 days of age. She is known for ending a 72-game winning streak of Chris Evert at the French Open in 1981 and also Martina Navratilova’s 54-game winning run in 1983.
  3. Margaret Court- The most successful female tennis player of all time, Margaret Court is the only player from both genders to have won all four Grand Slam Singles and four Grand Slam Mixed Doubles titles in the same year. She is one amongst three women to have won all four Grand Slams across three categories. She has won 192 Singles Titles which includes 22 Grand Slams, 19 Doubles Grand Slam Titles, 21 Mixed Doubles Grand Slams, 2 WTA Finals triumphs and 4 Fed Cups. She has also won a record 21 WTA titles in one year. She won the Australian Open eleven times, beginning with the year 1960 when she was 17 years and 199 days of age.
  4. Monica Seles- Monica Seles was the winner of 8 Grand Slams prior to turning 20 years of age. She has won 9 Grand Slams in total along with two WTA Finals titles along with an Olympic Bronze Medal in 2000. She won the Australian Open first in 1991 at 17 years and 55 days of age.
  5. Martina Hingis- The youngest Grand Slam champion in the women’s category in the Open era and the youngest World Number 1 in the history of WTA Rankings, Hingis is also the youngest player to win the Australian Open in the women’s category. She won the 1997 edition of the tournament at 16 years and 117 days of age. In 1997, she won all Grand Slams excepting the French Open. She has 5 Grand Slams and 13 Doubles titles to her name along with 7 Mixed Doubles titles.

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These legends are the youngest players to have ever won the Australian Open. Each of them deserves special recognition amongst the galaxy of hallowed stars gracing the sport down the ages.

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