The Ultimate Guide To Sports Video Editing

The only thing that comes close to the joy of watching a live sports game is filming the game on a camera. The action, tension, and excitement that one gets to experience in the process are unlike anything else. However, many creators tend to ruin the game videos by not giving equal importance to the editing phase that comes after having shot the video. 

To upload the best quality sports video, you need to emphasize on the editing processes. We’re living in an age where the audience has access to the best quality content from around the world, hence uploading raw footage just won’t cut it for them. From a coach in high school looking to motivate his students to sports video editing professionals, everyone needs to put out intelligently edited videos.

So, if you’re looking to produce top-notch results for sports videos, we’ve got you covered. Here are some efficient sports video editing tips that will make your work stand out from the crowd. 

Tips on editing your sports videos 

1. The shorter, the better 

You must keep in mind that the average attention span of an individual is roughly eight seconds. Hence, the last thing you want to do is to bore your viewers. With so much content to choose from, your audience is spoiled for choice, so if your content becomes too lengthy, your viewers are more likely to scroll past them. 

Keep your video as short as possible by cutting out the fluff. Try to grab the audience’s attention instantly, and ensure that the content is intriguing enough to keep them watching till the end. A good trick can be to shoot as much footage as possible and edit it smartly by compiling the interesting sections and cutting out the uninteresting or longer sections. 

2. Adding music is always beneficial 

One of the most tried and tested ways to grab the viewer’s attention is by adding invigorating tracks to your sports video. It would get your audience intrigued, keep their adrenaline pumped up, and compel them to watch the entire video. 

However, remember to choose tracks that enhance your overall video. Adding average tracks can do more harm than good to your video. InVideo, an intuitive online video editor, allows you to add music with much ease. You can import tracks from an external folder or use the ones already available in the editor for your video. 

3. Emphasise on intro and outro video clips 

To make the audience aware of the stunts that, for example, a particular athlete is performing in your video, you can use intro and outro video clips. This way, the eyes of the individuals watching the sports video will be focused on the subject matter, keeping them intrigued and on their toes. 

Similarly, for example, if you’re working on a video that displays the best goals in a football game by a particular team, start the video with an impeccable goal scored by a player from that team. This will immediately hook the viewer’s attention to it. 

4. Clean up useless portions 

While this one might seem obvious, it is nevertheless important to mention it. Your audience isn’t interested in your never-ending commentary or dialogues. What they’re looking for is action, and that’s just what you need to provide them. But how can you do that in a sports video? 

When you’re editing a video using an online video editor, making sure to clean up the speech errors or the long conversations and inserting short audio fades can be an effective trick. 

5. Adding subtitles help 

Many individuals find it hard to interpret the words of the commentators in a sports game due to their accents. In order to make your video more accessible, you can add subtitles or captions of the commentary to your videos. 

In addition to being more accessible, subtitles will also improve your videos’ engagement and improve watch time. Adding captions always helps your users to keep a track of the game they are watching and enhances their concentration on the video. 

If you upload your videos on your website or social media handles, subtitles will help you increase your SEO ratings with the use of keywords inserted in them. With InVideo, you can add text and subtitles to your video within minutes! 

Why use InVideo for sports video editing  

Compared to other types of video editing, sports video editing is a far more complex job. It requires you to choose the right clip for each frame that’ll keep the viewers’ attuned to the video. Plus, it involves a lot of chopping off and seamless weaving in of the scenes to put out a perfect video. All in all, it can be a tedious and intimidating task. 

This is why you need a potent online video editor that’d make the process easier. And that’s where InVideo steps in. It has all the tools required for video stabilisation, text-to-video transformation, and more options to make your video stand out. With over 4000 templates to choose from, InVideo can be used on Mac, Windows, Linux, ChromeOS, and other desktop-based operating systems. 

You also get to carefully adjust the brightness, the color temperature, and the color contrast of your sports videos. It also has tools to add text, captions, and subtitles, along with a gallery of background music tracks that you can freely choose from.

Sports videos must highlight specific scenes to enhance their impact in the audience’s eyes. You can achieve that through InVideo’s special time effects, such as accelerating, compressing, freezing, and playing the action backwards. It also comes with an intelligent video assistant that recommends suggestions for things you might have missed in your sports video. You can make snippets of these videos for your Instagram and Snapchat Stories as well. 


Compared to many other forms of video-based content, sports videos have very high audience engagement on the web. The reason being the vast popularity of sports and sports-based content among internet users.

The easy access to a wide variety of sports-based content makes it difficult for a creator to remain significant among his audience. Hence, sports video creators need to edit and re-edit their videos with precision to keep more and more audience engagement flowing in daily.

If you’re a sports video creator, try to carefully look into the tips mentioned above as a structured guide for editing sports videos. Your content will definitely shine like a sports star on the internet, if you follow these tips and tricks carefully. 

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