The LALIGA Club Legend Tour 2023 China concluded in a football extravaganza at SHANGHAI EXPO HUANGPU SPORTS PARK.


The event brought together LALIGA legends Iker Casillas, Fernando Morientes, and Luis García, alongside Chinese Super League star Wu Lei, over 100 football influencers, and more than 900 football fans and guests for an unforgettable carnival.

As the first major European football league to bring its iconic legends to China for large-scale offline events since the pandemic, LALIGA aimed to respond to the eager anticipation of Chinese fans through this Legend Tour and football carnival.

Throughout the carnival, the presence of LALIGA ambassadors, including Casillas, Morientes, Luis García, and CSL Star Wu Lei, created an electrifying atmosphere with their enthusiastic interactions. Two thrilling football exhibition matches ignited the passion of the fans and guests. The carnival offered various football games, Spanish delicacies, and live performances by bands, immersing everyone in a pure Spanish football experience. The night concluded with the crowd cheering on a football match, creating a memorable ending to the event. Lucky draws also provided fans with opportunities to win coveted prizes, including signed footballs and jerseys autographed by the LALIGA ambassadors.

Sergi Torrents, General Manager of LALIGA China, expressed his satisfaction with the successful organization of the LALIGA Club Legend Tour 2023 China. The event marked the first offline event in China since EA SPORTS became the title sponsor of LALIGA, bringing multiple interaction experiences to the carnival. As the official media partner, LALIGA exclusively recruited fans to attend the event through “THE RED BOOK,” China’s leading lifestyle platform. Exclusive live broadcasts also reached out to a burgeoning young audience, enhancing the event’s outreach.

The Legend Tour received strong support from sponsors and partners, including Migu Video, Mahou, PUMA, Chinese Super League, Oriental Pearl TV Tower, ITTF Museum, and Activation Group. TURESPAÑA, one of the partners, showcased unique Spanish culture and inviting views to the attending fans and guests. The LALIGA ambassadors extended a warm invitation to visit Spain, where fans can experience passionate Spanish football and charming culture and scenery.

TURESPAÑA has collaborated with LALIGA for years, jointly releasing the tourism guide “Welcome to LALIGA,” presenting the beauty of Spain to Chinese tourists by introducing various Spanish cities and football clubs. More cooperations are expected in the future to provide more exciting experiences for Chinese football fans.

Fernando Morientes expressed his pleasure in returning to China, where LALIGA is followed with unwavering devotion. Spending time with the fans in China exceeded his expectations, emphasizing the global passion for LALIGA.

The LALIGA Club Legend Tour 2023 China undoubtedly left a lasting impact on the football fans in Shanghai. As the first major European football league to organize a large-scale offline event in the country since the pandemic, LALIGA demonstrated its commitment to engaging with fans and spreading the love for Spanish football. The presence of legendary players and the exciting carnival atmosphere created an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. LALIGA’s collaboration with partners and sponsors further amplified the success of the event and is a testament to the strong support for football in China.

With the Legend Tour’s success, LALIGA has set the stage for more thrilling events and activities in the future, enhancing the league’s global presence and connecting with fans worldwide. The passion for football displayed by the Chinese fans is a testament to the sport’s universal appeal, and LALIGA’s efforts in bringing its legends to China have undoubtedly strengthened the bond between Spanish football and its devoted Chinese followers. The Legend Tour’s legacy will continue to inspire and excite football enthusiasts, fostering a deeper appreciation for the beautiful game in China and beyond

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