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“You Can Join Us Immediately” – Swiss Football Club Wants To Hire Roger Federer

he country of Switzerland is privileged to have Roger Federer as the citizen of their nation. In 2019, Swissmint introduced commemorative coins to honor Federer, and he became the first living person to feature on Swiss coins.

Following all the prestige over his entire lifetime, the professionals from other sports also want to join hands with the living legend. World Number four Federer was recently offered a position by Switzerland’s fifth tier club FC Villarepos.

“I’ve been talking about this idea for a while but I never had too much time to carry it out. Let’s say that confinement allowed me to carry out this plan. “Even if he refuses to play for FCV, it would already be crazy to succeed in creating a link between Roger Federer and FC Villarepos,” said club’s president Pierre Schouwey.

Also, the registration papers are all ready. Just in case, if the Swiss maestro accepts their offer, there’s no delay in the paperwork and other formalities.

“Our latest wish is a little bit crazy” – FC Villarepos to Roger Federer 

The club found out the Basel boy Federer still holds an amateur license for his hometown football club, FC Basel. And, growing up the Swiss legend cheered for FC Basel, and even now he still supports his team and catches up with their matches.

“Our limitless imagination has always compensated for our lack of body size in the field. Our latest wish is a little bit crazy: to recruit you! We discovered that you still have an amateur license that Concordia Basel has deactivated,” the president said.

It seems that the club desperately wants Federer. But at the same time, they wish him luck to continue with his thriving career in tennis.

“That is why we suggest that you deposit your ‘Player Pass’ with us. You can join us immediately – or after the end of your tennis career (which I hope will continue for a long time),” Schouwey added.

The club has also unveiled Federer’s kit. It has ‘Federer 20’ impression on it, and number 20 corresponds to the number of Grand Slam the Swiss ace possesses. The club is flexible in changing the number if Federer continues to win more and more Slams.

Source: essentiallysports

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