Venus Williams To Test Her Fitness On A Sports Comedy Series

American star Venus Williams is one of the fittest tennis players in the world. She is going to be 40 this year and is still able to compete on the WTA Tour which is absolutely amazing. She has now decided to show her amazing fitness as part of an upcoming show. Check it out.

As reported by the People magazine, Venus Williams is putting her fitness to the test for a new show by CBS. This show is called Game On! and will pit 2 teams against each other. These 2 teams will be captained by Venus and NFL star Rob Gronkowski.

While seeing Venus on a show is amazing, the most interesting part of the show is the challenges. These tasks could be anything from sumo wrestling to rhythmic gymnastics which will be a real fitness test. So, Venus Williams is going to have a real challenge ahead of her.

While they will be tough, Venus Williams has shown time and time again that she could do anything. Nobody would have expected her to still compete on the WTA Tour. But she is still playing even after having a successful career winning 7 grand slams and 49 WTA titles.

Venus would want to culminate in her successful career in the best way possible. And the best way is by winning another Grand Slam, which she hasn’t done since 2008 at Wimbledon. That is something that will definitely be on her mind as she would love to achieve this.

She will have to wait however as the WTA tour has been suspended. It is scheduled to return in July when she will have the opportunity to win another Slam. Until then, we can watch her compete on Game On! which will air its first episode on May 27th.

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