Hugh Jackman Becomes The First Hollywood Star To Respond To Roger Federer

The fun responses to the home practice routine challenge posted by Roger Federer just keep on rolling. The latest star to respond to the Swiss maestro is the Wolverine star, Hugh Jackman.

Jackman’s response was unfortunately not a tennis-related one. However, he did issue a clarification for why that was not the case. To give some context, Roger had uploaded a Twitter video of himself playing some trick shots (wearing a hat).

Additionally, Roger tagged many of his celebrity friends to tell the world how they are practising at home during the quarantine period. His list consisted of names like Dwayne Johnson, the music band Coldplay, fellow tennis legend Rafael Nadal, football great Cristiano Ronaldo and Indian cricket star Virat Kohli.

How did Hugh Jackman respond to Roger Federer? 

Jackman’s response was very playful as he informed Federer that back in New York there weren’t as many tennis courts.

“Hey Rog, loved those trick shots. Unfortunately, we don’t have a lot of tennis courts in New York City. But we have something that you guys don’t have, 15 floors baby!”

To be honest, going up and down those 15 floors is no mean feat either! However, we’ll advise Hugh to better find a workout routine that does not force him to step out of his room too much.

Obviously, Roger has set in motion a fun chain of events. With many more stars responding in their own unique ways, it’s only set to get a lot more interesting. Stars like Dwayne Johnson already upload a lot of workout videos. However, responding to Roger would certainly mean talking about a bit of tennis.

Stars like Novak Djokovic, Sofia Kenin and football star Toni Kroos have already uploaded their responses. We really expect a few more people to chip in with their responses as the day continues to progress.

Source: Essentially Sports

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