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Seth Rollins takes dig at Brock Lesnar’s absence from…

The ‘Beast Incarnate’ might be the WWE Universal Champion for now, but another WWE star Seth Rollins isn’t very pleased with the way the World Wrestling Entertainment is handling Brock Lesnar. While on Monday night RAW, Rollins suggested that he isn’t a fan of how Brock Lesnar keeps the company on ransom when it comes to his dates and appearances. With WWE facing a significant setback due to Roman Reigns withdrawing from the league due to his battle with Leukemia, the company had

WWE to host try-outs for Indian wrestlers in 2019

WWE is seeking to expand its Indian fan base quite aggressively. After recently striking a new TV rights deal in the sub-continent, WWE announced on Monday to host try-outs for aspiring Indian wrestlers to try their luck on the big stage in USA. WWE is hosting a four-day try-out session in Mumbai in March 2019 to give 40 selected athletes the opportunity to train on the biggest platform, WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, USA. The aspirants will comprise from a diverse section

Former WWE star Simon Dean lauds Brock Lesnar as…

While the topic of the greatest wrestler to ever grace WWE is one of hot debate and argument, it is a question that can seldom be answered. There have been a host of star performers who have helped WWE reach the feat it is today. Right from Undertaker, Triple H, Stone Cold to Roman Reigns, CM Punk and other new age stars WWE was never short of professionals. However, according to a recent interview, former WWE wrestler Simon Dean claimed that Brock Lesnar