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Seth Rollins takes dig at Brock Lesnar’s absence from…

The ‘Beast Incarnate’ might be the WWE Universal Champion for now, but another WWE star Seth Rollins isn’t very pleased with the way the World Wrestling Entertainment is handling Brock Lesnar. While on Monday night RAW, Rollins suggested that he isn’t a fan of how Brock Lesnar keeps the company on ransom when it comes to his dates and appearances. With WWE facing a significant setback due to Roman Reigns withdrawing from the league due to his battle with Leukemia, the company had

WWE Superstar announces retirement after getting fired

WWE Superstar Rhyno has announced his retirement from in-ring competition following his loss to Heath Slater in a loser gets fired match in the latest episode of WWE Raw. Earlier in the show, WWE Raw's acting General Manager Baron Corbin addressed both Slater and Rhyno that he is looking to cut costs and one of them have to leave the company but both of them refused to leave which led Corbin announcing a match between both the members of the tag team and

WWE accused of tampering with wrestler contracts

There is no such thing as satisfaction and for a wrestling league like WWE, there is never. The hunger for more audiences led to WWE expanding their reach to Europe and recently even striking a new TV rights deal in India. WWE also roped in independent wrestling sensation WALTER for their European expansion plans and are on course to sign a few more. However, not all signings the WWE are making are reportedly legal in all aspects. WWE are accused of approaching and

WWE stock increases as wrestling league signs new India…

The World Wrestling Entertainment’s (WWE) new deal into the Indian market could be vital for the American wrestling league’s revival considering a surge in their recent stock prices. WWE stock has been on the rise again after dropping 26% in October, jumping 8.78% on Wednesday alone. And according to a report by Barrons, their new TV rights deal in India could be the reason. According to the report by Barrons, the new TV rights deal could be completed by early 2019 while another

WWE rope in European star WALTER

In their bid to expand operations and a major fan base to Europe and especially the United Kingdom, WWE have stepped up their game. World Wrestling Entertainment have signed Independent Wrestling sensation WALTER. This move comes in as WWE’s European expansion, as WALTER will play a major role in NXT UK and will presumably continue working for affiliated promotions like PROGRESS and wXw. Dave Meltzer explains this move to have been anticipated rather than coming as a surprise. In the Wrestling Observer, Meltzer