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Top 5 WWE Superstars of the year

The year 2018 is set to come to an end in a few days' time and WWE will be entering into 2019 hoping that the promotion gets more ratings compared to 2018. On several occasions, WWE had below-par TV ratings in 2018 as a result of poor booking. While there were Superstars who hardly got what they deserved, which didn't go well with the fans, there were a few wrestlers who got it all in 2019. Only a very few of them managed

5 Superstars who deserve to win the WWE US…

Over the years, the United States title has added a lot of value and has made various Superstars relevant. But, ever since Shinsuke Nakamura beat Jeff Hardy at WWE Extreme Rules to win the US title, he hardly defended the title as he has put the belt on the line only twice, the rematch against Hardy at WWE SummerSlam and against Rusev on SmackDown Live. With Nakamura hardly getting TV time, it is very evident that he is not adding any vale being