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Top 5 WWE returns of 2018

The year 2018 was a rather dull year for WWE as the program became stale which resulted in the ratings dipping to an all-time low. Though there were a few interesting rivalries and matches every now and then, the product failed to amaze the fans big time. This year also saw a few Superstars who made their return to the company. Some came back after leaving the company and some came back after recovering from an injury. Let us take a look at

Kurt Angle is all praise for Ronda Rousey, names…

Although the World Wrestling Entertainment worries about a dip in their fan engagement and viewing, it still remains one of the top platforms for wrestling talent. With Roman Reigns out due to his battle with Leukemia and Braun Strowman recovering from an elbow injury, it is a great opportunity for some talent to take up the ranks. And WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle didn’t hesitate to name a few future showrunners in his recent Facebook QnA session. Barring some elite names like

The Major Problems with Monster Heels Today

Many of you must be aware that Professional Wrestling is scripted. It consists of story-telling. In a story, there are heroes, and there are villains. Villains are referred to as "Heels" in Professional Wrestling. Throughout WWE's history, there have been a number of incredible heels such as Triple H, Edge, Roddy Piper etc. Heels are what makes a feud or story-line interesting. After all, what good is a hero without a villain who pushes him to his limits? However, heels of today have