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Australian Open 2020 Prediction- Top 3 Contenders to win the Women’s Australian Open Title

Australian Open 2020 Prediction- Top 3 Contenders to win…

The contest for the women’s Australian Open title will be very exciting this year, going by the array of talented athletes and some of the world’s most explosive female tennis stars taking part in the 2020 edition. The Australian Open title for women is a lot more inclusive than the men’s category which is majorly dominated by the Big 3, i.e. Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer. Here, the women’s singles draw is more open and there are several contenders who can
Top 5 Youngest Australian Open Winners in Women’s Category

5 Youngest Australian Open Champion in Women’s Category

The very first Women’s Singles competition at the Australian Open took place in the year 1922 which was a whopping 17 years after the initiation of the tournament. Margaret Molesworth from Australia was the first ever champion at the event. The Australian Open Women’s Singles winner gets a replica of the Daphne Akhurst Memorial Trophy.> Here’s taking a look at the 5 youngest winners of the Australian Open in the women’s category (descending order): Steffi Graf- Steffi Graf is one of the greatest
Australian Open 2020: 5 Emerging Players Who can Upset the top seeded Players

5 Emerging Players of Australian Open 2020 Who can…

The 2020 Australian Open has started off in full force and tennis fans worldwide are eagerly waiting to catch their favorite stars in action. The last edition was won by Novak Djokovic (men) and Naomi Osaka (women). While there are a few regular favorites to win the coveted titles in 2020 as well, here’s taking a look at 5 emerging players who can upset the applecart and give top-seeded players a run for their money. Daniil Medvedev- The Russian player is one of