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Arteta’s Perspective on Enhanced Competition After Raya’s Arrival

Despite Aaron Ramsdale’s remarkable performance last season, including winning the Premier League Save of the Month award twice and securing 14 clean sheets, Mikel Arteta remains committed to fortifying our goalkeeping department. This resolve has led to the acquisition of Spanish international goalkeeper David Raya from Brentford.

The manager is of the belief that intensifying competition within the squad will foster an enhanced environment across all aspects of the team, and he emphasizes the importance of this healthy competition in every position, whether it pertains to the goal or the outfield.

Arteta shared his thoughts during his pre-match press conference, stating, “Even with diverse goalkeepers in the past, there were inquiries. Having two exceptional goalkeepers is a positive situation – there’s no drawback to it. Just as we possess two outstanding left-wingers, two formidable strikers, and two adept holding midfielders. The presence of Jorginho, Thomas, and Declan is not a concern, nor should it be.”

“Our aspiration is continuous improvement, and to attain that, the environment must evolve and progress. We often maintain a certain standard due to our inherent nature. Yet, when the environment shifts to one that demands a consistent 100% effort every day, the results are transformative. I’ve witnessed this firsthand with our current players compared to the squad from two years ago. If we seek progress, we must cultivate such an environment.”

By – Sahiba Suri

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