Runeterra Reforged New Units, Traits, cosmetics, and Mechanic Updates

Runeterra Reforged Updates

Runeterra Reforged brings all new units and traits, cosmetics, and mechanic updates as we return to a Runeterra ravaged by a Convergence storm the size of Cho’Gath’s feet—wait, bigger… much bigger. But if you didn’t click on the feet link, I don’t blame you—do be sure to check out our new set’s cinematic, My Honeyfruit!

As for these notes, we’re going to start with cosmetics at the top, then we’ll work our way through the changing and returning systems near the end. As with all new set releases, I’m not going to get into every new trait, champion ability, or Force = Mass (Acceleration) equation of Sion smashing through fences—watch the cinematic for that one. We’ve also got third party friends for all the ins and outs of Champion abilities, traits, Augments, Region Portals, and Legends. For now, I will discuss the changes sticking around from the past sets.

I don’t usually get all emotional in these intros—I keep ’em short and include jokes about feet. But on behalf of the entire TFT team, we’d like to thank you for playing and supporting us while we do our best to make each set as awesome as it can possibly be.

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