Qatar’s Al Shahrani creates new record crossing 204 km in wheelchair

Qatar’s Al Shahrani creates new record crossing 204 km in wheelchair

The Qatari runner Ahmed Al Shahrani has created a new record in the history by becoming the first ever disabled person to ‘run’ the whole distance of the country from the south to the north in a wheelchair.
Surpassing a distance of 204 km in 41 hours, 55 minutes, running through the safe track designated for the purpose, Al Shahrani has managed to become the first rider with special needs to set this new record by covering this huge distance.

A French resident in Qatar had also earlier set a record by running around Qatar in 47 hours, to gain the milestone by becoming the fastest athlete around Qatar.

Expressing happiness and immense joy towards this milestone, Al Shahrani said: “I am filled with immense joy and excitement at this achievement and thank all those who supported me.”

He stated that, “We contacted the Guinness World Records through its official website at the beginning of this year and the race was registered and approved. I chose to start from the south, due to the wind movement. I faced some difficulties in the last five hours of the challenge on the second day, especially due to the wind direction. I had to sleep for two hours in the afternoon.”

Towards the finishing point, Al Shahrani was welcomed and received by the management of the North Club.
Al Shahrani continued to express his honour and joy by saying, “I was honoured and overwhelmed by this kind gesture, especially the presence of international shooting referee Abdullah Al Hammadi, who accompanied me during most of the stages of the challenge.”
In addition to this milestone, Al Shahrani had won numerous medals by taking part in various wheelchair competitions held in Qatar, Kuwait, Oman and Jordan.

Sharing his insights with a local media, Al Shahrani mentioned that he had a lot of exciting and challenging experiences in the competition.
He continued to share his experiences by saying, “One of the most memorable experiences was my participation in the fourth edition of the Ultra Marathon organised by Sports for All from East to West, a distance of 90 km, in December last year, extending from Sheraton Corniche to Dukhan Corniche. The race took 11 hours and 50 minutes, with 85 participants, and I was the only one in a wheelchair, and I finished 22nd.”
The Chairman of the Qatar Society for the Rehabilitation of People with Special Needs, Sheikh Thani bin Abdullah Al Thani commended the phenomenal milestone gained by this Qatari runner.

Sheikh Thani said that, “He has taken up this challenge with huge determination and courage, overcoming several difficulties.”
Sheikh Thani also wished him success in the soon coming competitions and challenges, and outlined the need to support him in every way possible to help work towards enabling him to reach his dreams.
The ultimate dream for Al Shahrani is to attend in one of the Badwater Ultramarathons in the US, which is often referred as “the world’s toughest foot race”.

It is a is a 217-km course starting at 282 feet below sea level in the Badwater Basin, in California’s Death Valley and ending at an elevation of 8,360 feet at Whitney Portal, the trailhead to Mount Whitney. It is usually held annually in mid-July, when the weather conditions are most extreme and temperatures can reach 130 °F (54 °C).

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