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Manchester United 2023: Year in Review

Manchester United

Manchester United concluded 2023 with a disappointing loss to Nottingham Forest, marking a year of highs and lows under Erik ten Hag’s management. Despite securing silverware in the previous season, the current campaign posed challenges for the team. As we reflect on the past 12 months, notable players emerge as top performers in terms of appearances and goals.


While no player featured in all 66 games throughout the year, Bruno Fernandes came remarkably close, participating in 62 matches. Appointed as captain at the beginning of the 23/24 campaign, Fernandes showcased consistency and leadership. Marcus Rashford closely followed with 58 appearances, demonstrating his integral role in the team. Academy product Alejandro Garnacho, who earned a long-term contract, also made a significant impact with 49 appearances.

Top Five Appearance Makers in 2023:

  1. Bruno Fernandes – 62 appearances
  2. Marcus Rashford – 58 appearances
  3. Antony – 51 appearances
  4. Diogo Dalot – 49 appearances
  5. Alejandro Garnacho – 49 appearances

Top Scorers:

Marcus Rashford, following his standout performance in the previous campaign, led the goal-scoring charts for 2023, finding the back of the net 22 times. Captain Bruno Fernandes contributed 16 goals, showcasing his attacking prowess. Casemiro, an unexpected contender, secured 10 goals, along with contributions from Alejandro Garnacho and Scott McTominay.

Top Scorers in 2023:

  1. Marcus Rashford – 22 goals
  2. Bruno Fernandes – 16 goals
  3. Casemiro – 10 goals
  4. Alejandro Garnacho – 8 goals
  5. Scott McTominay – 7 goals

A Team Game:

Throughout the year, the responsibility of games and goal-scoring was distributed across the team. With 35 different players taking the field in 66 games, the squad demonstrated depth and adaptability. A total of 20 players contributed to the 104 goals scored, showcasing a collective effort from regular starters, seasoned veterans, and emerging talents from the Academy.

Standout Numbers from 2023:

  • Total games played: 66
  • Total goals scored: 105
  • Different players used: 35
  • Different goal scorers: 20

As the team navigates a challenging season, these statistics underscore the collaborative nature of Manchester United’s squad. The resilience and versatility displayed by players across various positions contribute to the overall dynamics of the team.

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By- Sahiba Suri

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