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Diogo Dalot’s Pursuit of Excellence


In a candid interview, Diogo Dalot shares insights into his impactful season with Manchester United. From his memorable goal against Sheffield United to the team’s form and adjusting to new players, Dalot discusses it all. The versatile defender also sheds light on the importance of late-game drama, the progress of goalkeeper Andre Onana, and lessons from the previous season. Beyond the pitch, he reflects on Portugal’s Euro qualification and the demanding yet fulfilling routine of a professional footballer.

As a regular in United’s starting lineup, Dalot reflects on his standout career goal against Sheffield United, deeming it the best of his career. The emotional celebration, following a challenging day for the club after Sir Bobby Charlton’s passing, made it a perfect moment. Dalot emphasizes the significance of the team’s ability to share goal-scoring responsibilities among defenders and midfielders, showcasing the squad’s depth and unity.

Dalot shares his thoughts on working with new goalkeeper Andre Onana, highlighting the significance of Onana’s penalty save and his resilience. Regarding the team’s recent form, Dalot acknowledges the constant pursuit of perfection inherent in playing for a club like Manchester United.

Discussing his personal challenges, Dalot addresses playing with various teammates and adapting to different positions, showcasing his commitment to being a valuable asset to the team. Drawing lessons from the previous season, he emphasizes the importance of progressive improvement and maintaining a positive mentality.

Dalot delves into the team’s playing style this season, noting the similarity in the manager’s ideas and the need to translate them into victories. He emphasizes the balance between playing well and securing wins, recognizing the team’s ability to grind out results even when the performance might not be optimal.

The defender expresses his preference for controlled victories but acknowledges the special feeling of late-drama wins at Old Trafford. Away from the club, Dalot discusses Portugal’s Euro qualification, highlighting the team’s success and the upcoming challenge of preparing for the tournament.

In a glimpse into his personal life, Dalot touches on the demanding routine of a professional footballer, emphasizing the importance of recovery and maintaining physical readiness. Despite the intense schedule, he expresses gratitude for being in such a position.

Diogo Dalot’s journey unfolds as a tale of determination, resilience, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, both on and off the field.

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By- Sahiba Suri

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