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Debate Manchester United’s 2023 Star Player


The Debate team recently convened for a discussion on Manchester United’s standout player of 2023. Host Mark Sullivan was joined by former United players David May and Ben Thornley, along with journalists Carl Anka and Neil Custis. With notable moments such as Erik ten Hag securing his first silverware and Alejandro Garnacho’s stunning goal against Everton, the panel delved into the highlights of the past year to determine the star performer.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka: Consistent Defensive Excellence

Selected by Ben Thornley

Ben Thornley chose right-back Aaron Wan-Bissaka as his standout player for the year. Wan-Bissaka played a crucial role in significant victories against Barcelona, Chelsea, and the comeback win over Aston Villa on Boxing Day. Ben highlighted Wan-Bissaka’s consistent performance at the required level for Manchester United and praised his contributions from the full-back position.

Bruno Fernandes: Captaincy and Trophy Lift

Selected by Neil Custis

Neil Custis opted for Portuguese playmaker Bruno Fernandes as his standout player for 2023. Fernandes experienced a memorable year, receiving the United captaincy and lifting the Carabao Cup trophy. Neil emphasized Fernandes’ constant involvement, desire for the ball, and his key role in the team, particularly noting his impactful performance against Aston Villa.

Bruno Fernandes: The Ever-Dependable Playmaker

Selected by Carl Anka

Carl Anka, a reporter for The Athletic, also chose Bruno Fernandes as his player of the year. Acknowledging Fernandes’ consistent form and influence, Carl referred to the numerous Player of the Month awards Fernandes received throughout 2023. Despite facing competition from other players, Fernandes stood out as a pivotal figure, earning him the accolade of player of the year.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka & Alejandro Garnacho: Defensive Prowess and Emerging Talent

Selected by David May

Former Red David May couldn’t decide on a single player, opting for a combination of Aaron Wan-Bissaka and emerging talent Alejandro Garnacho. May highlighted Wan-Bissaka’s consistent contributions and also praised Garnacho for his impressive performances, acknowledging his growth and impact on the team. May suggested that with more goals, Garnacho could become a strong contender for Player of the Year.

In summary, the panel’s selections reflected the diverse contributions of Manchester United players throughout 2023. Aaron Wan-Bissaka received recognition for his defensive consistency, Bruno Fernandes for his leadership and playmaking abilities, and Alejandro Garnacho for his emergence as a promising talent. These players played pivotal roles in United’s achievements and performances over the past year.

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By- Sahiba Suri

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