Richard Arnold, CEO of Manchester United, has penned this message to our loyal supporters…

In light of the conclusion and public announcement of the club’s investigation into Mason Greenwood, I find it crucial to communicate openly and transparently with our devoted fanbase regarding the decision-making process and the rationale behind our verdict.

Although typically an internal matter between employer and employee conducted privately, the circumstances surrounding Mason Greenwood, coupled with his prominence, necessitated a different approach. While the gravity of the allegations and Mason’s public image cannot be ignored, my intent was to uphold due process and minimize media commentary until a conclusive resolution had been reached.

Upon the emergence of audio recordings and visual content online in January 2022, my initial response was one of astonishment and concern for the alleged victim. Since then, her well-being, preferences, and standpoint have been of paramount importance in the club’s handling of the situation. Our principles and values have also remained at the forefront throughout this process. While it was promptly decided to suspend Mason during the inquiry, we were also mindful of our responsibility to ensure his welfare, as well as making an informed decision based on comprehensive information. Up until February of this year, the legal aspects of this case rested with the police and the Crown Prosecution Service. The club only engaged with Mason and other parties involved in the matter after the charges were dismissed.

Our investigation was driven by the goal of assembling comprehensive evidence to establish a factual context. Given various challenges, this was not a swift or straightforward endeavor. Respecting the rights and wishes of the alleged victim was essential to our approach, as was navigating our limited investigative authority that relied on external cooperation. Timings were also influenced by my aim to minimize any disruption to our men’s and women’s teams, as well as the Lionesses. Admittedly, this extended the period of speculation, but I firmly believe this approach was preferable to compromising the integrity of due process or causing untimely upheaval.

While certain evidence remained inaccessible due to valid reasons, the evidence we did gather led us to the conclusion that Mason Greenwood did not commit the alleged offenses he was charged with. While legal constraints limit what I can divulge, particularly to safeguard the alleged victim’s ongoing right to anonymity, I am able to share the following insights that shed light on the intricacies of this case:

The alleged victim formally requested the police to terminate their investigation in April 2022.
We received alternative explanations for the audio recording, which represented a brief segment of a longer recording, and for the images disseminated online.
The alleged victim’s family actively participated in our process and were afforded the opportunity to review and rectify any inaccuracies in our factual findings.

By- Sahiba Suri

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