"Wataru Endo Joins Japan Squad for September Friendlies" | Sportsmonks

“Wataru Endo Joins Japan Squad for September Friendlies”

"Wataru Endo Joins Japan Squad for September Friendlies"

Liverpool’s Wataru Endo is set to showcase his talents on the international stage once again as he gets called up to Japan’s squad for two highly anticipated friendlies in September. The versatile midfielder, who recently donned the prestigious No.3 jersey for Liverpool, will join his national teammates for exciting encounters against Germany and Turkey.

The first of these friendlies will see Japan lock horns with Germany on September 9 in Wolfsburg, promising a clash of titans that football enthusiasts around the world are eagerly awaiting. This showdown will not only provide a platform for Endo to exhibit his skills but will also be a thrilling contest that showcases the prowess of both teams on the pitch.


Following the clash against Germany, Endo and his Japanese compatriots will take on Turkey in Genk on September 12. The match against Turkey offers another exciting opportunity for Endo to shine on the international stage and contribute to Japan’s footballing aspirations.

Endo’s inclusion in Japan’s squad for these friendlies is a testament to his growing reputation and skillset. As the new Liverpool No.3, he brings his exceptional talents and versatility to the team, and his presence in the Japan squad further solidifies his status as a key player for both club and country.

Fans of both Liverpool and Japanese football will be eagerly watching as Endo takes the field alongside his national teammates in these captivating friendlies. The matches against Germany and Turkey are not only a chance for Endo to showcase his abilities but also an opportunity for football fans to witness top-notch international football at its best.

All eyes will be on Wataru Endo as he dons the Japan jersey once again, ready to make an impact and contribute to his country’s success on the international stage. As the anticipation builds for these September friendlies, football enthusiasts can look forward to witnessing the synergy of talent, determination, and teamwork as Japan takes on two formidable opponents, Germany and Turkey.

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By- Sahiba Suri

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