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Liverpool’s U18s Embrace the Anfield Abseil Challenge


Title:Liverpool’s U18s Squad Takes on the Anfield Abseil Challenge”

In our latest Academy column, we delve into the exciting world of Liverpool’s U18s squad as they embark on a unique adventure: the Anfield Abseil challenge.

Our education manager, Caitlin Hawkins, shares the story of how these young talents faced an exhilarating test of courage and determination while getting acquainted with Anfield, their future home.

For these first-year scholars, the journey began on a significant day in their lives. On Thursday, August 24, not only did they collect their GCSE results in the morning, but they were also tasked with confronting the Anfield Abseil in the afternoon.

Being full-time players under the guidance of Marc Bridge-Wilkinson, they are embarking on a footballing journey filled with challenges, victories, and defeats. The Anfield Abseil aimed to provide them with a challenging and potentially daunting opportunity, a taste of what lies ahead in their careers.

For these new scholars, there couldn’t have been a more fitting introduction to Anfield, their future home and a place they aspire to frequent regularly.

This adventure served multiple purposes, extending beyond the thrill of the moment. It was a part of the club’s life skills and personal development program, aligning with the ‘Our Club, Our City’ module. Not only did it allow them to visit Anfield, but it also pushed them physically and mentally, encouraging them to step out of their comfort zones.

Setting an example, Bridgey, the U18s coach, took the abseil first, joined by our U18s education officer, Ted Smith, and Caitlin herself. Leading by example, they demonstrated that sometimes, you need to embrace challenges to grow.

The experience was a mix of fear and excitement as they went up to the top of the Main Stand in groups of two for the abseil. The winds picked up, sparking discussions among the boys, but the view from the top was nothing short of breathtaking. It offered a unique perspective on the city and emphasized the significance of the Liverpool badge they proudly wear.

The boys might not admit it, but they stepped out of their comfort zones, tested themselves, and ultimately thrived. As they stood at the bottom clutching their certificates, the smiles revealed their sense of achievement.

Beyond this adventure, the U18s have been part of the ‘Our Club, Our City’ initiative, educating them about Liverpool’s history and culture. Standing atop the Main Stand, gazing across the city and waterfront, highlighted the club’s stature, not just within the city but beyond its borders.

Finally, congratulations are in order for our boys on their outstanding GCSE and A-Level results. Special mention goes to Isaac Mabaya, Niall Osborne, Elijah Gift, Luke Hewitson, and Paul Glatzel for their remarkable achievements.

Paul, despite facing injuries in recent years, exemplified resilience by securing an A in biology alongside his football commitments. His return to the pitch for the U21s is a testament to his dedication.

We extend our gratitude to the staff at Anfield, the Stadium and Tours team, and Wire and Sky, the company behind the abseil, for their support and hospitality during this memorable experience.

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By – Sahiba Suri

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