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“Alex Williams: Changing Lives Through City and CITC”

"Alex Williams: Changing Lives Through City and CITC"

After dedicating 33 years of service to City in the Community (CITC), former goalkeeper Alex Williams MBE is retiring from his role at the end of August. In a recent interview with the official Manchester City podcast, Williams discussed his proudest moments and the transformative impact that both the Club and CITC have had on thousands of lives in the Manchester community.

Williams emphasized the significance of CITC’s contributions to positive change in people’s lives. He said, “One of the things I’m most proud of is what we as a Club and City in the Community have done to change and enhance people’s lives. We should be very proud of that.”

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Sharing stories of CITC’s success, Williams highlighted the transformation of a young man who started as a troubled 16-year-old but was given a chance by CITC. The young man turned his life around, secured a full-time job as a security guard at Manchester City, and built a loving family. Williams stated, “And that’s one of 10 million stories I could sit here and tell you about. And that’s the biggest thing I feel proudest of is what we as a Club and CITC have done to change and improve people’s lives.”

While Williams is retiring from his full-time role, he expressed his intention to remain involved with the Club and CITC in various capacities. He revealed plans to work with the foundation and engage with former players on matchdays. Despite stepping back, he emphasized that he will continue to contribute, stating, “I’m still going to be very much involved with the Club just at a lesser level.”

As Williams looks forward to slowing down and embracing a new phase in life, he expressed gratitude for the welcoming atmosphere around Manchester and the opportunity to make a difference. He acknowledged that fans often approach him, which he finds heartwarming, and he’s excited to find a balance between staying connected and enjoying a more relaxed pace.

The Club expressed its gratitude to Alex Williams for his dedication and hard work with CITC, and they wished him well in his retirement. Williams’ legacy as a goalkeeper and his impact on the community through CITC will undoubtedly leave a lasting mark on Manchester City and its supporters.

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By- Sahiba Suri

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