5 Reasons why Liverpool will win the Premier League Season 2019-20

5 Reasons why Liverpool will win the Premier League Season 2019-20

Liverpool is already in the groove as they chase Premier League victory in 2020. After the first 8 games, Liverpool is already proving near-invincible and while assuming a final Premier League winner is always difficult at such an early stage in the scheme of things, Liverpool are definitely playing superlative football and if they continue the momentum then the trophy might be theirs alone.

A premier race for the title took place in the earlier season between Manchester City and Liverpool. The latter, spearheaded by Jurgen Klopp, posted 97 points which was their highest ever score in the Premier League but lost out to Manchester City by only a single point. However, Liverpool have won the UEFA Champions League in the previous season and is now gunning for glory in the Premier League for 2019-20.

Here are the 5 reasons why Liverpool may win the Premier League Season 2019-20

  1. Excellent start to proceedings: Liverpool have started off amazingly and is the most determined outfit currently, having maintained a 100% winning rate till now. Defensively speaking, Liverpool have the best record till now, having let in just 6 goals in 8 matches with two absolutely clean sheets. They already have 20 goals under their belt and are 8 points clear of anyone else in the Premier League table.
  2. Manchester City are yet to get going: Manchester City have not quite started off the season on a roller-coaster. Ever since Pep Guardiola departed from Bayern Munich for City, they have been favourites for clinching the Premier League, which they did last season as well. However, they might not be able to ensure a hat trick of Premier League titles. City has been largely inconsistent till now which has enabled Liverpool’s dominance at the outset. However, it is too early to come to any conclusions but City’s sluggish start to the season has led to many predicting Liverpool as the winner this time around. City has won 5 games out of 8 games while they have a draw and two losses as well.
  3. Liverpool is prioritizing the Premier League: Fans at Liverpool are already motivating the team to go for the title this season. Jurgen Klopp has made remarkable progress with the club in the last four seasons. The Premier League title is now the only focus for Liverpool since they have already won the UEFA Champions League last season. The team is determined to add another Premier League title to the trophy cabinet this season and their single-minded objective may work in their favour.
  4. The team has fused well: The players have already mingled well with each other and their chemistry shows on the pitch. Klopp has been in charge from 2015 and transformed Liverpool into a world-beating outfit. The team has gelled magnificently and everybody is clear about his role in the scheme of things. The players are playing courageously and aggressively now, something that Klopp has brought to the table. The team is now upgraded with several strategic signings over the last 2-3 years.
  5. The ever-motivational fans: The Liverpool fans are a major factor behind Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool’s success in recent years. The fans are well-versed with intricacies of football and the team’s internal strategies. They support the team through thick and thin. The European Cup triumph itself was a toast to the fans who kept at it, supporting their team even against insurmountable odds at times. Jordan Henderson could be holding the Premier League trophy next year and Klopp could become the Reds’ mystically successful coach and the fans will naturally want to keep motivating their team like they have been doing spectacularly this season.

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