Jose Mourinho – Not so special anymore?

There was once a time when Jose Mourinho was ‘The SpecialOne’ in football. A man who could deliver you the results and titles. A master tactician with a pragmatic approach, Jose Mourinho not just conquered the Portuguese League, Premier League, and the Serie A, but also won the champions league with Porto and Inter.  Even the so-called football purist Pep Guardiola with the likes of Lionel Messi, Xavi and Andres Iniesta on his side couldn’t stop Mourinho’s Inter from winning the Champions League.

A defensive mastermind, Mourinho ensured his teams had an impenetrable backline. And if you think parking the bus is all Jose Mourinho knew, it is worth noting that his Real Madrid side scored a mammoth 121 goals and secured the La Liga with a record-breaking 100 points in the 2011-12 season ahead of Pep Guardiola’s high-flying Barcelona.

But what has happened to Jose right now? For a man who is known for this defensive and pragmatic approach, Manchester United conceded 29 goals under him this campaign– that’s more than what they had conceded in the whole of last season. Which brings me to where we started – Is Jose no more the Special One?

Since leaving Real Madrid, Jose Mourinho has won just one Premier League title and the Europa League among the significant honors. This after he had won 7 League titles and Two Champions League in the previous decade. It’s not just the trophies that are drying up, it’s the teams that will hire him too. Before he left Madrid, he had a fall out with several players. He then moved to Chelsea, and after losing his dressing room found himself without a job for months before being hired by Manchester United. And now its no secret that his fall out with Pogba, Sanchez, and company is the reason he was booted out of Old Trafford.

To be fair with Jose, he might have spent a massive
£392 million but won the League Cup and the Europa League and boasted a win rate of 58%. He also finished 6th in his first season, but secured Champions League football with his Europa League triumph and finished second last season. So his time in Manchester was not a failure.

Now if you compare his record with Klopp – th Liverpool manager is yet to win a trophy and has finished 8th and 4th twice. He spent
£411 million and only boasts a win rate of 51%, yet Klopp still holds his job and is one of the most adored football coaches in the world.

The simple reason why Klopp is still at Afield is that his players love him. That’s not the case with Jose Mourinho. Many believe it’s Mourinho’s outdated style of ‘park the bus’s football that costs him his dressing room, but then how much of a difference is there between Diego Simeone’s style of football and Jose Mourinho’s style? Do the Atletico Madrid players despise him even if 11 men are forced to defend in their own half? You know the answer is ‘no’.

The biggest problem with Jose Mourinho right now is that he is living in his past glory and the media. Mourinho has been a victim of the media for years now, after all, he is controversy’s favorite child and who wouldn’t want a spicy headline featuring one of the most dramatic coaches in world football? The press has time and again targeted him, and Mourinho spoke his mind out without knowing how it would affect him.

While the media is just doing its job, Mourinho is not the same person he was a few years ago, who would divert the media attention away from his players towards himself to relieve the pressure off them. He now directly targets players and even blames them which is one of the main reason’she his losing his dressing room. The first thing the players would be discussing at breakfast would be which of them would be Mourinho’s target in his next press conference.

Mourinho’s poor behavior is another reason that has lead to his downfall. His constant bickering with other managers, be it Arsene Wenger or Antonio Conte, he has never left a chance to pick a fight. Apart from that, he is always falling in trouble with the FA, and they are not kind to him. In simple words, Mourinho has made a name for himself as the ‘bad boy of football’.

None of Europe’s elite will look to hire Jose Mourinho anymore, because the poets of football, Sarri and Klopp are the ones everyone wants right now. Mourinho definitely has a lot to ponder over as his managerial career stands at the crossroads. If the ‘Special One’ doesn’t want to remain a yesterday’s man – there are plenty of things he will need to change apart from his tactics.

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