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Invincibles Week: Triumph Over Tottenham in 2003


In this week’s edition of “Invincibles This Week,” we revisit the memorable clash with Tottenham Hotspur from 2003, reflecting on the club’s performance both on and off the pitch during that time. Join us as we recall the excitement, key news stories, and the cultural buzz surrounding the club during this unforgettable season.

Setting the Scene:
At the top of the table, Arsenal was ready to face Tottenham Hotspur, who were struggling in 13th place. A significant win in the Champions League against Dynamo Kyiv had set the stage for this North London derby.

Wenger’s Insight:
Arsene Wenger’s thoughts on the late winner and the upcoming fixtures, with a focus on maintaining momentum.

From the Dressing Room:
Thierry Henry’s impressive goal-scoring journey and his aspiration to make history for Arsenal.

On the Pitch:
A detailed look at the memorable match between Arsenal and Tottenham in 2003, where two late goals secured a dramatic victory for the Gunners.

Travel back in time and immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of football history as we revisit the thrilling moments and unravel the deep historical significance of that legendary clash when Arsenal locked horns with their eternal rivals, Tottenham Hotspur. This iconic encounter was more than just a football match; it was a chapter in the enduring saga of North London football, and we invite you to join us in reliving the intense passion, remarkable goals, and unforgettable drama that defined this monumental moment in the beautiful game.

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By- Sahiba Suri

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