‘If the results are poor, Mourinho starts criticising his players’ – Eden Hazard  

Chelsea superstar Eden Hazard seems to be on a roll here. The Belgian is talking to every media under the sun and seems to be having fun while toying the rumour mill with his words.

Recently, he gave another interview to a Belgian outlet and spoke about his experience playing under Jose Mourinho. It was long thought that Hazard was the one that led the revolt against the Portuguese which resulted in his sacking.

And Hazard now claims that working with the former Real Madrid manager in his third season at Chelsea wasn’t a great experience but did admit that he would love to work with Mourinho again.

“The last season under Mourinho was not pleasant anymore. We didn’t win, we got into a sort of routine, training-training without having fun, it was better for all parties that the collaboration came to an end,' he said.

'If I’m now asked one coach with whom I want to work again, then I say: Mourinho.”

One of the most apparent personality traits of the Portuguese is that he openly lashes out at his own players when things are not going well – and this is something Hazard mentioned.

“If the results are poor, he starts criticising his players – you know that, but afterwards I’ve been able to accept that, it’s part of his character,' he added.

However, when things are going well, Mourinho is the best manager a player could have, according to the Belgium captain.  

“If you win, Mourinho is the best coach you can imagine. Then he is a friend of yours – you can do whatever you want. Want one day off? He gives you two. If everything goes well, Mourinho will experience football like me: with ease.”

Right now, the former Inter manager’s job is under scrutiny at Manchester United for perhaps this very reason and he might want to evaluate this.

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