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Colwill Reflects on Debut Pride, Demonstrating Determination, and Impressive Pochettino

The recent clash against Liverpool marked the debut of no fewer than six Chelsea players, and for one among them, the day was particularly significant as he had progressed through the ranks of his beloved club since his youth.

Levi Colwill, a graduate of Cobham, initially trained with us at the tender age of eight. Following two years of acquiring senior football experience through loans at Huddersfield and subsequently Brighton, this defender earned a starting spot from Mauricio Pochettino in our highly anticipated opening Premier League fixture of the 2023/24 season.

‘Anticipation to Write My Own Narrative’

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‘My entire life, my entire career, has led me to this moment,’ Colwill expressed in the aftermath of his debut.

‘From being a young boy observing the games, the experience has been nothing short of amazing. To be able to come here, especially to face a formidable team like Liverpool, is a blessing.

‘When the uproar of the fans fills the air, it’s an unparalleled sensation. As a child, I was part of the crowd, cheering and shouting, and now to be on the pitch, hearing it all, feels truly remarkable.’

Colwill’s Performance Progressed
gaining momentum as the game unfolded. He perceives our promising performance as a glimpse into what we can anticipate from Chelsea this season.

‘What are our limitations? It’s as straightforward as that. Every one of us needs to believe in this. Confidence is essential; heading into each game with the conviction that victory is within our reach. By the season’s conclusion, we will witness the outcome.

‘We possess young, ambitious players, each with something to prove. With our array of players who can make an impact, score goals, and excel at both ends of the field, I believe we’re in for an exciting blend and a captivating season.’

Colwill also expressed his gratitude towards the individual who provided him the opportunity on Sunday, Pochettino.

Let’s rewind a decade; during that period, the Argentinean managed Southampton, the city where Colwill grew up. He had long been cognizant of the coaching prowess of our head coach and now, he appreciates the chance to experience it firsthand.

‘In my younger days, that Southampton team was playing remarkable football. Credit where it’s due, even though I’m not a huge fan of Southampton, despite hailing from there. I had a discussion with him about it, and it was a meaningful conversation.

‘He is a manager of international caliber. I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor. His exceptional man-management skills include having regular conversations with me, making me feel valued as an individual, not just a player. His performance has been exceptional, and he’s genuinely a wonderful person – that’s what matters the most.’

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