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Arsenal’s Loyal Midfield Dynamo: Lia Walti:


In an exclusive interview, Arsenal’s midfield stalwart Lia Walti shares her thoughts on the incredible support from the fans, the growth of women’s football at the club, and the decision-making process that led to her extending her stay at Arsenal. As she prepares for the upcoming Conti Cup clash against Southampton, Walti reflects on the transformation she has witnessed during her six seasons with the Gunners.

Building Something “Huge”:
Lia Walti expresses her admiration for the unwavering support the Arsenal family has provided over the years. She highlights the significant progress, emphasizing how the club’s fanbase has evolved from barely filling Meadow Park six seasons ago to consistently selling out away games this season. The Swiss midfielder credits the fans for creating an atmosphere that makes every match, home or away, feel like a celebration of women’s football.

Away Games Feel Like Home:
Walti discusses the impact of Arsenal’s dedicated supporters, noting that even during away games, the crowd support is so substantial that it almost feels like a home game. She recounts moments, such as the match against Bristol, where the overwhelming presence of Arsenal fans created an atmosphere that boosted the team’s morale on the field. Walti appreciates the fans’ dedication, emphasizing that their passionate support is a driving force for the team.

Club’s Commitment to Women’s Football:
The Swiss international commends Arsenal for prioritizing women’s football, a key factor that influenced her decision to stay at the club. Walti expresses gratitude for the club’s efforts in fostering the growth of the women’s game, both within the league and at Arsenal. She acknowledges that being part of a club that values women’s football and actively supports its development was a crucial aspect of her decision-making process.

Supporters and Club Priorities:
Walti reveals that loyalty played a significant role in her decision to extend her contract with Arsenal. Feeling at home from the first day, she emphasizes that when she senses a connection with a club, she prefers to stay loyal. The support from the fans, combined with the club’s commitment to women’s football, created an environment that Walti did not want to leave. She acknowledges having other options but ultimately chose to stay at Arsenal due to the unique combination of support, growth, and the potential for new challenges.

Embracing New Challenges:
As a player who values loyalty, Walti discusses the decision-making process during the previous season. She acknowledges the presence of other options but underscores her belief in the growth of the game, both in the league and at Arsenal. Walti finds inspiration in the daily challenges within the club, especially this season with fierce competition in the midfield. The presence of talented and diverse teammates has created a healthy competition that challenges both her and those around her.

Club’s Support and Facilities:
Walti praises the support Arsenal provides for her continued development, both on and off the field. The women’s facilities at the club contribute to her desire to be an integral part of everything happening at Arsenal. The experienced midfielder expresses confidence in the club’s trajectory, stating that staying at Arsenal allows her to keep developing her game. Walti acknowledges the potential for more growth and the presence of the right people at the club to take the necessary steps forward.

Balancing Priorities and Ambitions:
While acknowledging the presence of great leagues in Europe and beyond, Walti highlights the unique experience she has at Arsenal’s. The great stadiums and passionate crowds every weekend are aspects she worked her entire career for and now cherishes. She emphasizes that staying at Arsenal’s, experiencing these moments week in and week out, is irreplaceable. Walti reflects on the fulfillment of childhood dreams and the alignment of her ambitions with the experiences she has at the club.

As Lia Walti gears up for the Conti Cup clash against Southampton, her reflections on fan support, club loyalty, and the pursuit of new challenges provide a glimpse into the mindset of a player deeply connected to Arsenal. The interview encapsulates Walti’s gratitude for the incredible support, her commitment to the club’s values, and the excitement she finds in the evolving landscape of women’s football at Arsenal’s. Walti’s journey with the Gunners continues to be a testament to the growth, dedication, and unwavering spirit that define both the player and the club.

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By- Sahiba Suri

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