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Will he be able to break Schumacher’s record?

“Formula 1”, which was held on March 12, is the last championship due to current events in sports. It is noteworthy, but the teams start this season on brand new cars and new rules. With such innovations, it was very difficult to predict who will win. The fact that there were completely new teams which added some oil on the bonfire, so the audience did not know what to expect.

It is known that Hamilton has high hopes for this season, as the Mercedes may lose his leadership this year. But the royal throne may change hands this year. The reason for that is Verstappen. In 2014, the Austrian team was defeated by the same Hamilton, but did not give up and now there is someone who can bring back the championship title to “Red Bull Racing”.

Every year, the Austrian team did not put a lot of effort, but now they came to the beginning of the season in a very good shape. They are ready to battle with all the leaders. According to them, the car is ready for any situation on the track and the team is full of positive mood. The Austrians are ready for a serious competition, which can not be said about their rivals, who do not yet know what to expect from the race.

Verstappen had encountered Hamilton before and showed good results on the track, so there will be no surprises on this. Probably the youngest future Formula 1 champion is him. And these are not just words, the driver has already beat the Mercedes before, so there will be nothing difficult for him. Now the title belongs to the driver from “Ferrari”, but the leadership of the reigning champion team does not even expect to get the main prize.

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