Most popular sports among students worldwide

It has become very popular to play sports lately. Physical activity and no bad habits are a core component of the personality of a student.

Thus, there is no surprise that sport is becoming an tremendously popular way to spend time among students. Quite often, achievements in sport are the factors that affect the demand, popularity and reputation of students inside and outside teaching establishments. To cut it short, it is useful to health to play sports besides, it makes a student popular and cool.

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What are the most popular sports among students

In the USA, sports have always been honored. Historically, team ball games are especially developed here; today, the three most popular sports among young people are American football, baseball and basketball. It was American students who, since the 19th century, have actively developed and “promoted” these sports, which subsequently received official names and rules.

Thanks to students at Yale, Columbia, Princeton and Rutgers Universities, active ball games at the end of the 19th century became known and loved by all Americans. Today, students from a wide variety of schools, colleges and universities in the United States proudly represent the American sports tradition, uniting in sports clubs and hosting many competitions at the regional, state and international level.

In addition, winter sports are popular among students in certain US states, and young girls are increasingly choosing volleyball and tennis for themselves. In America, like nowhere else, sports and the image of an athlete are popularized, therefore physical data and sports achievements have a great impact on the reputation and social status of a student.

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As in the United States, England has a strong sport tradition, which is distinguished by an emphasized conservatism. Football and cricket are historically popular among British students, and golf, equestrian polo and tennis are played in local privileged educational institutions today, as they were a century ago. England is known as a country of contrasts, where new trends are actively developing alongside traditional values. So, next to the peaceful golfers, skateboarders and parkour amateurs train here.

Sunny Australia is known for hosting a huge number of world sporting events. For the Australians themselves, and especially for students of local universities, playing sports is perhaps a favorite pastime. The Australian climate, the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and a fit athletic figure have lately encouraged more and more young people to be active and physically fit.

This is a real paradise for water sports lovers, so many students go surfing, swimming, diving, water polo, etc. Also in Australia, tennis, beach volleyball and golf are developed and popular, and lovers of outdoor activities regularly hike to the most exotic and amazing corners of the mainland.

If you love winter sports, then you will love training in countries such as Sweden, Czech Republic and Canada. Among students, hockey, snowboarding, skiing, speed skating, etc. are popular here. Famous athletes are considered real stars here, and the sport itself is one of the national symbols.

In recent years, Asian countries have made significant strides in the development of sports. We all remember the representatives of Japan, China and Vietnam, receiving many medals at the Olympiads in completely different disciplines. Table tennis and badminton are very popular among students in Asian countries today, many also go in for gymnastics and athletics at an amateur level.

In warm Malaysia, an active lifestyle is also becoming more popular among native and foreign students every year. Badminton is leading here, in addition to which basketball, football, field hockey and marathon running are in demand among young people.

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