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Russia, Romania Clinch Gold at 2020 Doha Epee Grand Prix

Russia’s Sergey Bida and Romania’s Ana Maria Popescu won gold medals in the respective men’s and women’s category at the 2020 Doha Epee Grand Prix. The event which is leading athletes to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, featured 219 male and 176 female international fencers competing at Qatar’s Aspire Dome.

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In the Men’s final event Russia’s Bida faced Alexandre Bardenet, winning the event with a 15-6 score. Bardenet beat Italy’s Andrea Santarelli in the semifinal, 15-10, while Bida overcame Japan’s Masaru Yamada, 15-8 at 2020 Doha Epee Grand Prix.

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Meanwhile, in the women’s category, Romania’s Popescu claimed victory in the last and final round beating Italian world champion Mara Navarria, 15-9. Navarria beat Estonian Erika Kirpu in the semifinal, 15-13, while Popescu won against Russian Tatyana Andryushina, 15-5 at 2020 Doha Epee Grand Prix.

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The men’s ranking at the event had Sergey Bida at the top with his gold medal win. He was followed by Alexandre Bardenet winning the silver medal and Andrea Santarelli, Masaru Yamada from Italy and Japan winning the bronze medals.

Meanwhile, Romania’s Popescu led the medals for the women with her gold medal win followed by Mara Navarria’s (Italy) silver medal win. Russia’s Tatyana Andryushina and Estonia’s Erika Kirpu won bronze medals.

Both the events were officially organized by Q-tickets which is the biggest online ticketing platform in Qatar. 

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