Golden State Warriors guard Steph Curry involved in multi-car crash

Golden State star Steph Curry was involved in a multi-car accident yesterday on Highway 24 in California yesterday. He was driving to the arena for a shootout practice when the accident happened. Curry was driving his black Porsche on state route 24 when another driver lost control of his Lexus while making an unsafe lane change and hit his Porsche. The front end of the Porsche was damaged as we can see in the picture. This happened around 9 am yesterday on the Oakland side of the Caldecott tunnel.

Curry’s Porsche after the accident

Curry then pulled over to the service lane and as he was waiting for the help which was on its way, and about 10 min into his wait, another driver lost control of his Honda and veered into the service lane, hitting a concrete divider first and then ricocheting into Curry’s stationary car according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP). The impact wasn’t very big because of the collision with the divider first, which fortunately left Curry with no apparent damage.

Herman Baza with the CHP said that the rainy weather likely played a role in these accidents and everyone was wearing seatbelts and is fine. Curry, and both other drivers were not hurt in this accident. No one was arrested.
Steph is already out with a strained left groin and is expected to miss tonight’s game against the Sacramento Kings. After the accident, Curry reported to the Warriors facility and the medical team checked up on him just to make sure there were no additional injuries. Curry has been getting more individual work in during the practices in the past week, and the team expects to update his status Saturday.

Curry has always been grateful to God and has attributed his success to God. That is the reason he points to the heavens after every point he scores. Yesterday, he took the opportunity once again to show gratitude towards the Lord with his tweet.

His father Dell Curry drove him to the game yesterday as the Warriors bounced back from their 4-game losing streak to beat Portland by 28. Coach Kerr, before the game, in his usual humor said that Steph is fine, and he has another car so they have nothing to worry about. Klay was also thankful that his Splash Brother was safe as he recalled a nasty car accident from his own college days. All in all, it was business as usual for everyone. Please be safe out there people, and do not take these moments for granted.

Images courtesy of CHP Facebook and ABC news.

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