Michael Jordan’s comeback press conference was postponed due to insane gambling story, Antoine Walker says

Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan’s love for gambling was on full display during the “The Last Dance” docuseries, but the latest story revealed by former NBA player Antoine Walker may be the most eye-popping one yet.

Walker, who played in the NBA from 1996 to 2008, made an appearance on the “All Things Covered” podcast and talked about a time when he and Jordan were teammates during a game of spades that lasted for 36-straight hours. According to Walker, the buy-in for the game was $20,000 and the bets went as high as $50,000.

“We were playing against two other guys and Mike and I were partners,” Walker recalled. “They had us behind $900,000.”

Walker said that the game took place when Jordan was announcing his return to the NBA from his time in baseball, and the press conference re-introducing Jordan back to the Bulls had to be pushed back because he was so invested in the spades game. At one point, Walker and Jordan were down $900,000, but they pulled within $20,000 of breaking even.

Walker added that they ended up losing $180,000 and the only reason they stopped playing was because Jordan got too tired and he was falling asleep at the table.

Source: Fox News

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