Lionel Messi Breaks Silence on Hong Kong Absence

Lionel Messi

Amidst speculation surrounding his absence from a recent Inter Miami friendly in Hong Kong, Lionel Messi took to one of China’s largest social media platforms to address the controversy. Chinese state media, Hong Kong politicians, and fans expressed disappointment when Messi appeared in a friendly match in Tokyo just three days later.

As a result, Hangzhou and Beijing announced their decision not to host Argentina games scheduled for March, further escalating the situation. In an effort to clarify the circumstances, Lionel Messireleased a video statement on Weibo.

“I’ve read and heard many things that have been said after the game in Hong Kong. I wanted to record this video and give you the true version so nobody has to continue reading false stories,” Messi stated in the video.

He vehemently refuted claims that his absence was due to political reasons or any other unfounded speculations. Messi emphasized his longstanding relationship with China, highlighting his frequent visits and close ties with the country throughout his career.

Lionel Messi reiterated the reason for his absence from the Hong Kong game, citing an inflamed adductor that hindered his ability to participate fully. He explained that the injury had initially surfaced during a game in Saudi Arabia and worsened during subsequent matches.

Despite his efforts to train and prepare for the Hong Kong game, Messi’s condition did not improve sufficiently, prompting him to withdraw from the match. However, he emphasized his commitment to returning to peak fitness, which motivated his brief appearance in the Tokyo friendly.

The fallout from Messi’s absence has had significant repercussions, with the decision of Hangzhou and Beijing not to host Argentina games serving as a testament to the gravity of the situation. Messi’s statement aims to quell the controversy and provide clarity on his decision-making process.

Throughout his career, Messi has been known for his professionalism and dedication to his craft. His willingness to address the situation directly reflects his commitment to transparency and integrity.

As the saga unfolds, Messi’s fans and supporters await further developments, hoping for a swift resolution to the misunderstanding. In the meantime, Messi remains focused on his recovery and preparation for future matches, eager to return to the field at full strength.

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By- Sahiba Suri

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