Joining the Heroes Community in Celebrating Pride, Identity, and Gaming

The Heroes Community is proud to celebrate Pride, a time of celebration, education, and visibility for LGBTQ+ individuals. We had the pleasure of speaking with four inspiring members of our community about the significance of Pride, how their identity has shaped their gaming journeys, and how we can create an inclusive and safe space for everyone in Overwatch year-round.

Meet Aramori, Calling All Heroes Flex Support
Aramori, also known by the pronouns she/her, is an Overwatch content creator, coach, and competitive player. Her gaming journey started at a young age, bonding with her father over games. When she discovered Overwatch during the open beta, the diverse heroes and inclusive representation resonated with her like never before.

Noteworthy Overwatch Moments
Aramori cherishes live events like the Overwatch League Grand Finals and the Overwatch World Cup Finals, where she had the opportunity to meet her online friends in person and share unforgettable moments.

Identity’s Impact on the Journey
Being a woman in esports presented its challenges, as Aramori initially faced fears of being ostracized and struggled to be recognized for her skills. However, her journey with Calling All Heroes and the Overwatch Empowerment Cup brought her into a welcoming community that supports her and others from marginalized genders.

Advice for Others
Aramori encourages others to stand strong in the face of adversity and use hate as motivation to succeed.

Supporting Pride and Initiatives like Calling All Heroes
For Aramori, supporting Pride and Calling All Heroes is deeply personal. As a bisexual woman, she believes in normalizing love and acceptance for LGBTQ+ individuals, combating the hate that still exists in the world.

How Others Can Help
Supporting marginalized genders requires offering equal opportunities and standing up against harassment in any form, whether it’s in-game or in the gaming community. Encouraging positive interactions and creating a safe environment can make a huge difference for those facing discrimination.

In conclusion, let’s celebrate Pride and support each other in the Heroes Community, promoting love and inclusivity year-round. Together, we can make a positive impact and create a welcoming space for all gamers.

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