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Top NBA Betting Picks for Sunday Games


NBA Betting Picks for Sunday: Top Plays and Matchup Previews

As the NBA action heats up with a solid nine-game schedule on Sunday, fans and bettors are in for a treat. ESPN’s Andre Snellings shares his insights and top five betting picks for the day. Let’s dive into the matchups and see where the opportunities lie.

  1. Clippers -4.5 over Lakers (-105):
    The Clippers, led by Kawhi Leonard, are on a 12-game winning streak, while the struggling Lakers have lost nine of their last 11. A clear mismatch in form makes the Clippers a strong pick.
  2. Anthony Edwards over 30.5 points (-120):
    Edwards is in excellent form, averaging 31.9 PPG in his last 11 games. With a scoring showdown anticipated against Luka Doncic, taking Edwards to surpass 30.5 points seems like a smart bet.
  3. Victor Wembanyama over 19.5 points (-105):
    Despite a 24-minute limit for precautionary reasons, Wembanyama has been consistently scoring, averaging 24.5 PPG in his last four games. Expect him to exceed 19.5 points.
  4. Pelicans +3.5 points over Kings (-110):
    The Pelicans have dominated the Kings in their previous meetings this season, winning all three by an average of 16.3 PPG. The Pelicans’ size and scoring ability make them a strong pick with a 3.5-point cushion.
  5. Nets -8.5 over Trail Blazers (-115):
    The struggling Trail Blazers, on a seven-game road losing streak, face a Nets team that aims to capitalize on their recent woes. The Nets, despite being a net-neutral team, are favored due to the Trail Blazers’ struggles.

Now, let’s take a closer look at key matchups and injury reports for the day:

  • Spurs vs. Cavaliers:
    The Cavaliers are heavily favored (-10.5) against the struggling Spurs, with a BPI projection favoring them by 13.5 points. Various Spurs players are listed as questionable or out.
  • Trail Blazers vs. Nets:
    The Nets (-8.5) are favored as the Trail Blazers face challenges on the road. Ben Simmons is listed as out for the Nets, while the Trail Blazers have several players listed as questionable or out.
  • Pelicans vs. Kings:
    The Pelicans, with a 3.5-point advantage, have dominated the Kings in previous matchups. Zion Williamson is listed as questionable for the Pelicans, while the Kings’ Trey Lyles is listed as questionable.
  • Clippers vs. Lakers:
    The Clippers (-4.5) are favored against the struggling Lakers, with Anthony Davis listed as questionable for the Lakers.
  • Other Matchups:
    Additional matchups include Timberwolves vs. Mavericks, Pistons vs. Nuggets, Grizzlies vs. Suns, and Raptors vs. Warriors. Each game presents its unique dynamics and betting opportunities.

Keep an eye on injury reports, player form, and recent team performance to make informed betting decisions. As the NBA action unfolds, Sunday promises an exciting lineup of games for both fans and bettors alike.

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By- Sahiba Suri

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