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NBA Trade Deadline 2024: Players and Scenarios


As the 2024 NBA trade deadline approaches, speculation and discussions among executives, agents, and players intensify. With less than 10 days left, ESPN’s Brian Windhorst provides a team-by-team analysis of the most likely players to be dealt based on the ongoing conversations in the league.

Eastern Conference:

  1. Atlanta Hawks: Dejounte Murray
  • Murray’s acquisition in 2022 hasn’t met expectations for the Hawks. With a potentially expensive roster and underwhelming performance, Murray may be traded for draft compensation.
  1. Boston Celtics: $6.2 million trade exception from Grant Williams deal
  • The Celtics, with a substantial tax bill, are more likely to seek a buyout player than make significant trades.
  1. Brooklyn Nets: Spencer Dinwiddie
  • The Nets’ recent struggles have shifted their outlook. Dinwiddie, with an expiring $20.3 million deal, could be a key player in potential trade scenarios, possibly for a guard like D’Angelo Russell.
  1. Charlotte Hornets: Miles Bridges and Kyle Lowry
  • Bridges, an unrestricted free agent in the summer, could be traded for assets. Lowry, acquired recently, might be a buyout candidate if not moved again.
  1. Chicago Bulls: Zach LaVine
  • LaVine’s desire to be traded aligns with the Bulls’ willingness to trade him. Potential interest from teams, particularly the Pistons, could lead to a significant move.
  1. Cleveland Cavaliers: Caris LeVert
  • While LeVert is having a strong season, the Cavs may wait for key players’ return from injury before making major changes.
  1. Detroit Pistons: Bojan Bogdanovic and Alec Burks
  • Despite being a last-place team, the Pistons may not move players for future assets. Bogdanovic and Burks are potential trade candidates, with differing contract situations.
  1. Indiana Pacers: Bruce Brown
  • The Pacers already made a major move, acquiring Pascal Siakam. They may explore the market for players with expiring contracts but are building for the future.
  1. Miami Heat: Kyle Lowry
  • The Heat’s acquisition of Terry Rozier has been their major move. Further actions may be minor, focusing on reducing their tax bill.
  1. Milwaukee Bucks: Pat Connaughton
    • Limited trade options for the Bucks may result in them standing pat. If they become aggressive, Connaughton’s $9 million salary might be involved.
  2. New York Knicks: Evan Fournier
    • The Knicks, chasing a star, may use Fournier’s $18.8 million salary in potential trade deals, aiming to attach it to tradable first-round picks.
  3. Orlando Magic: Gary Harris
    • Harris’s $13 million expiring contract makes him a trade candidate, and the Magic could explore offensive upgrades using their assets.
  4. Philadelphia 76ers: Marcus Morris and Robert Covington
    • With tradable first-round picks, the 76ers may use Morris and Covington’s large expiring contracts in significant deals, mindful of their proximity to the tax apron.
  5. Toronto Raptors: Brown
    • The Raptors may receive substantial offers for Brown, an attractive player for contending teams due to his versatility, championship experience, and team option.
  6. Washington Wizards: Tyus Jones
    • The rebuilding Wizards might trade Jones, who’s set for unrestricted free agency, seeking draft compensation in return.

Western Conference:

  1. Dallas Mavericks: Richaun Holmes
  • Holmes, not playing regularly, could be part of a deal to find an upgrade. However, his $12 million player option for next season presents a challenge.
  1. Denver Nuggets: No one
  • The Nuggets, facing a minor tax bill, are likely to stand pat unless there’s a minor deal to reduce their tax burden.
  1. Golden State Warriors: Andrew Wiggins
  • Despite an underachieving roster, adding future salary is challenging for the Warriors. Wiggins, with a high-value contract, makes trade timing unfavorable.
  1. Houston Rockets: Victor Oladipo
  • Oladipo’s expiring contract could be used for constructing a deal, but the Rockets, in a rebuild, are not desperate to make moves.
  1. LA Clippers: P.J. Tucker
  • Tucker, desired for his defense, is a trade candidate, but the Clippers may be reluctant to trade their one first-round pick. Tucker’s player option adds complexity.
  1. Los Angeles Lakers: D’Angelo Russell
  • Russell, with waived veto rights, is a possible trade option. Talks involving Russell in a potential deal for Murray are ongoing.
  1. Memphis Grizzlies: Luke Kennard
  • Injuries have impacted the Grizzlies’ roster, and Kennard’s knee trouble may hinder significant moves.
  1. Minnesota Timberwolves: Shake Milton and Troy Brown Jr.
  • Limited trade options and a salary squeeze make the Wolves likely to stand pat. Involvement in the buyout market is a possibility.
  1. New Orleans Pelicans: Jonas Valanciunas
  • The Pelicans, exploring big deals, may trade Valanciunas for a starter-quality center and additional upgrades.
  1. Oklahoma City Thunder: Davis Bertans
    • Bertans, not in the team’s plans, is a trade candidate, and the Thunder, with numerous draft picks, may explore options to improve rebounding and size.
  2. Phoenix Suns: $6.5 million trade exception from Cameron Payne trade
    • Limited trade options for the Suns may lead to
    them utilizing the trade exception creatively.
  3. Portland Trail Blazers: Malcolm Brogdon
    • Brogdon, a valuable scoring guard, may be a trade candidate, especially with the Blazers undergoing a youth movement.
  4. Sacramento Kings: Harrison Barnes
    • Barnes, well-liked in Sacramento, may be traded if the Kings find an upgrade at the forward position.
  5. San Antonio Spurs: Doug McDermott
    • McDermott, a 45% 3-point shooter with an expiring contract, is an ideal trade candidate for the Spurs.
  6. Utah Jazz: Kelly Olynyk
    • Olynyk, a versatile big with an expiring salary, could be among the intriguing trade candidates for the Jazz, who have multiple expiring contracts and draft assets.

In the final days leading to the trade deadline, teams will weigh their options, and player movements may reshape the landscape of the NBA.

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By- Sahiba Suri

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