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Elias WWE status Triple H Vince McMahon

Elias WWE

Elias WWE status Triple H Vince McMahon

“WWE Universe Reacts to Elias’ Status Amidst Triple H’s New Regime”

In a recent turn of events, WWE fans are buzzing with reactions to the status of 35-year-old star Elias as Triple H’s new WWE regime takes center stage, reshaping the landscape of Monday Night RAW and Friday Night SmackDown. With Vince McMahon’s creative leadership behind him, Elias finds himself at a crossroads, and fans are eager to see what’s next for the enigmatic performer.

Elias, formerly known as Ezekiel, had been temporarily written off WWE television last year when Triple H assumed creative control of the weekly shows during Vince McMahon’s absence. His return was met with intrigue as Kevin Owens sent him packing from the weekly television scene for good.

Recent reports from BWE have suggested that Elias is currently without a professional contract and is no longer affiliated with WWE. The uncertainty surrounding his future in professional wrestling has prompted a flurry of reactions from the WWE Universe. Here’s a glimpse of what fans are saying:

“Triple H hated him,” one fan commented, hinting at the rumored friction between Elias and the Chief Content Officer of WWE, Triple H. This perceived animosity could have played a role in Elias’ diminished role on WWE programming.

Another fan took a more pragmatic view, stating, “At least Vince used him.” This observation highlights the contrasting treatment Elias received under the two different creative regimes led by Triple H and Vince McMahon.

Elias’ decline in prominence on the main roster was evident after Triple H’s creative leadership took center stage. His last appearance on WWE television was in May 2023, when he participated in a Battle Royal on Monday Night RAW as a free agent. With his WWE contract status up in the air, fans are curious about what’s next for the enigmatic Drifter.

Under Triple H’s creative direction, Elias experienced a storyline shift when he temporarily adopted the persona of Ezekiel, being replaced by his brother after WrestleMania 38. He engaged in a feud with Kevin Owens on Monday Night RAW but found himself written off weekly shows as Triple H’s new regime took control.

Elias later made a return to his familiar Drifter gimmick, yet he failed to secure a significant push or a prominent role within the brand. The idea of a tag team partnership with Rick Boogs was teased, but it never reached its full potential, eventually fizzling out as the two wrestlers went their separate ways. Elias also became a free agent during the annual WWE Draft but only made sporadic appearances for the company.

Even during his time in the black and gold brand under Hunter’s creative leadership, Elias faced a similar fate. He ultimately lost a Loser Leaves NXT match, signaling his transition to the main roster under Vince McMahon’s creative direction.

As WWE fans eagerly await further developments regarding Elias’ status and future in the world of professional wrestling, it remains to be seen whether his unique persona and talents will find a new platform to shine. The ever-evolving landscape of WWE continues to captivate fans and ignite discussions about the fate of their favorite superstars.

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By- Sahiba Suri

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